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Channel map
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The new Channel Map for is our first new map expansion and adds a whole new front for you to fly and fight over in ROF. The map covers parts of northern France, western Belgium and southern England with the English Channel lying in the middle. The map will feature many new towns, villages, cities and coastal scenery and objects. It will also usher in a new era of maritime activity with warships, submarines and freighters sailing the ocean. In additon to the new real estate, the map will include our new 3D water. The ocean will not just be a new shader for a flat texture, but the water will be a three-dimensional model that will look very realistic when in motion. We are also building two seaplanes that will see action on the waves when released. This map will be available for use to all who purchase it and will be integrated into the Career mode once completed. We are very excited about what this map will bring to our fans and the new kinds of combat it will usher in. We hope this is the first of many new maps and fronts.