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Halberstadt D.II
Manufacturer: Halberstadter Flugzeugwerke
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Engines 6—cyl. inline Mercedes D. II
Power (h.p.): 120
Height (mm): 2660
Lenght (mm): 7300
Wing span (mm): 8800
Wing surface (sq.m.): 23.6
Empty weight (kg): 519
Takeoff (kg): 728
Fuel capacity: 96 liters
Oil capacity: 18 liters
Climb rate
1000 m — 4m. 00s.
2000 m — 8m. 50s.
3000 m — 15m. 00s.
4000 m — 23m. 25s.
5000 m — 37m. 35s.
Maximum airspeed, (IAS: km/h)
sea level — 145
1000 m — 138
2000 m — 131
3000 m — 124
4000 m — 115
5000 m — 105
Service ceiling, (m) 5950
Endurance, h. 2h. 34m.
Forward firing: 1 х LMG 08/15 Spandau 7,92mm, 500 rounds

First Halberstadt D.I prototype designed with 100hp Mercedes D.I engine flew in the late autumn of 1915, later fitted with 120 h.p. Mercedes D.II and in this form went into production as the D.II to supplement the Fokker D type biplanes, which were then replacing the obsolescent Fokker monoplanes. First machines came to the frontline units in june 1916.

Most of the pilots where impressed by its better performance against older Fokker monoplanes, especially its better climb and speed, and it also had very quick, easy and responsitive controls which gaved it good manevreability in hands of experienced german pilots.

By the end of 1916 the Halberstadt D.II had become obsolescent and were largely withdrawn from the Western Front or relegated to quieter sectors. However, while on operations they were able to give a good account of themselves and were certainly respected by their Allied adversaries. Number of build Halberstadt D.II was 96 production aircraft powered with Mercedes D.II engine.

Halberstadt Fightres, Windsock Datafile Special.