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Felixstowe F.2A
Flying boat
Manufacturer: The Aircraft Manufacturing Company Ltd.
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$12.98 (aircraft + modifications)
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Engines 2 х inline 12 cyl. Eagle VIII
Power (h.p.): 360
Height (mm): 5340
Lenght (mm): 14100
Wing span (mm): 29150
Wing surface (sq.m.): 105.3
Empty weight (kg): 3424
Takeoff (kg): 5049
Speed (km/h)
Sea level 156
1000 m - 146
2000 m - 139
3000 m - 130
4000 m - 120
Service ceiling (m): 3550
Climb rate
1000 m — 7 min. 31 sec.
2000 m — 17 min. 51 sec.
3000 m — 37 min. 28 sec.
Endurance, h. 6h
Nose position: 2 х Lewis 7,69mm, 8 drums with 97 rounds each
Tail upper position: 1 х Lewis 7,69mm, 7 drums with 97 rounds each
Left and right side hatch positions (two firing positions): 1 х Lewis 7,69mm, 9 drums with 97 rounds each
Bomb load variations:
2x 230lb (209kg)

The Felixstowe F.2 was a 1917 British flying boat class designed and developed by Lieutenant Commander John Cyril Porte of the Royal Navy at the Seaplane Experimental Station, Felixstowe during the First World War adapting a larger version of his superior Felixstowe F.1 hull design married with the larger Curtiss H12 flying boat. The Felixstowe hull had superior water contacting attributes and became a key base technology in most seaplane designs thereafter.

Armed with impressive defencive armament, usually consisted with nose position with one or two Lewis guns on Scarff ring, one or two Lewis on the same mount on tail position, two Lewis guns on side hatches, and optional installation of lewis gun on top of the pilot cockpit. It coult carry 460lb bomb load under the wing racks.

F.2A was widely used as a patrol aircraft over the North Sea until the end of the war. Its excellent performance and maneuverability made it an effective and popular type, often fighting enemy patrol and fighter aircraft, as well as hunting U-boats and Zeppelins.

Windsock Datafile 82 - Felixtowe F.2A, J.M.Bruce