New Rise of Flight website launched!


Dear pilots!

We welcome you to the new and improved Rise of Flight website! We’ve done quite a lot of work in all directions - from complete replacement of the technology to all new graphical style - to make the site more convenient, easy and enjoyable for you. At the same time all you profiles have been kept in tact, so be sure that your old credentials are working here as always.

The new free-to-play version, Rise of Flight: United Edition is at last much more accessible now, and can easily be found on the main page. So if you decide to offer your friends to try out ROF, simply lead them to, they won’t miss the right button. And now a few words about the store that received quite a lot of positive changes.

Firstly, we’ve added the long awaited virtual shopping cart. From now on you can put in it as many items as you can and, of course, get a discount depending on how many of them you’re buying.

Secondly, starting today we’re removing the border between field and weapon modifications. That old system was not particularly convenient, so we gathered all mods in packs for each plane. Furthermore, everyone who had only one type of modification on a plane gets the other one for free.

St.Mihiel campaign is now available for free. Vander, thank you again for this generous and kind decision.

To celebrate the launch of the new site and store we’re sending personalization packs as gifts to everyone. These are not just fancy attributes but an essential part of WWI combat aviation history as well, and we believe we should share them with the community more widely than just by selling these items. Also, field modifications for Focker E.III and Airco DH.2 are available for free from now on too.

Note that some prices on planes have been reduced slightly. For instance, $6.25 price tag turns into $5.99, which is nothing like a drastic change but still this saves you a penny or two. Rise of Flight forum has changed completely. At the same time we moved as much of the previously created forum content to the new forum engine as possible and established new and perspective boards for all WWI aviation fans and ROF players for many years to come. While moving the only content that left untransferred was polls and user pics. So let’s settle in already and upload new images. Speaking of the looks of the forum - we’re planning to change its skin to make it adequate to overall website style, game interface and the old colors you’re all used to. Please, pay no attention to the current forum skin - it’s a temporary solution because just like you we’re still getting used to ROF’s new home.

Enjoy the housewarming everyone! We believe that the new home will be kind and hospitable to both old friends and new pilots.