Rise of Flight: United Edition - RELEASED


Dear Pilots!

Today we’re deploying one of the most technologically significant updates for Rise of Flight. Along with an enhanced user interface, we have added the Mouse Control option. This system wasearlier tested within the ILYA Muromets project, and now, after a series of improvements it is coming to Rise of Flight. The testing employed experienced virtual pilots as well as players who are used to a traditional keyboard+mouse set up. Thanks to their assistance, and using our own flight sim experience we created what we believe is the most honest mouse control system in a flight-sim product.

We say “honest” because in the updated ROF a mouse is nothing but an input device, a new additional type of controller, but not an overly automated virtual assistant that cheats. It’s simply an opportunity for you to play a game you have an interest in even though you don’t have specific controllers for it such as joysticks and pedals.

While working on this system and transferring the general control functionality to the mouse, we haven’t touched the flight models or brought changes to the game world’s physics. Thus, Rise of Flight as you’ve known and loved for almost 6 years remains the same. Furthermore, it’s becoming more open and friendly to players who have an interest in WWI aviation and have no joystick - yet.

So, before the new version goes public we’d like to appeal to players whose first experience in Rise of Flight will be with the mouse control option. Flying a plane using all of its technical capabilities, taking down strong and skilled opponents and having a true sensation of flight is only possible when using the dedicated game controllers such as a joystick and pedals. The PC mouse simply was never designed to be a flight sim device so it has its limitations. Nevertheless, we’re giving it a solid chance to take you high in the magnificent endless sky of Rise of Flight.


Now, a couple of words about the GUI changes that we think you should be aware of in advance.

Firstly, we've turned the botton menu into 5 compact icons that you'll find on the top center part of the screen. Their contents remain the same.

Secondly, the control settings have been updated. Now you can choose between classic joystick control and mouse control options.

Thirdly, we've added the ILYA MUROMETS campaign devoted to Igor Sikorsky's aircraft. Everyone who buys the plane on our site, or has pre-ordered the ILYA Muromets project, gets this unique set of missions on Eastern front.

Some changes were made to the 2-D instruments as well.

And the last but not least is the Improved Gunnery option which activates a slightly different machine gun fire setting improving the overall accuracy of automatic fire. This option is also available in the Dedicated server settings.

Thanks for your continued support, and see you in the skies of ROF!