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Welcome to the Rise of Flight Store

Here is where you can purchase additional flyable aircraft for Rise of Flight. Simply click on the aircraft you wish to purchase and then click the Buy button. You must have a Rise of Flight customer account and activated copy of the game to purchase aircraft. Some aircraft may already be available to you and not available for additional purchase.

Please note that all flyable aircraft available for purchase are already in-game as non-flyable A.I. controlled aircraft.

When you purchase multiple planes you qualify for a quantity discount. Refer to the chart below for the breakdown:

1 aircraftno discount
2 - 3 aircrafts25%
4 and more50%

If you have any questions about your aircraft purchase, please write to rof@777studios.net.

ILya Muromets $19.99

Hanriot HD.1 $8.99

Sopwith Strutter $11.5

F.E. 2b $10.25

Roland CIIa $10.25

Halberstadt D.II $6.25

Nieuport 17.C1 GBR $2.99

Nieuport 17.C1 RUS $2.5

Brandenburg W12 $10.25

Handley Page 0-400 $12.5

Gotha G.V $12.5

Felixstowe F.2A $13.5

Halberstadt CL.II $11.5

Airco D.H.4 $10.25

R.E.8 $10.25

Sopwith Pup $6.25

Bristol F2B (F.II) $11.5

Breguet 14.B2 $10.25

DFW C.V $10.25

Nieuport 17.C1 $6.25

Nieuport 28.C1 $6.25

Albatros D.Va $6.25

S.E.5a $6.25

Pfalz D.IIIa $6.25

Sopwith Triplane $6.25

Sopwith Dolphin $6.25

Pfalz D.XII $6.25

Sopwith Camel $6.25

Fokker Dr.I $6.25

Fokker D.VIII $6.25

Fokker D.VIIF $6.25

Nieuport 11.C1 $6.25

Albatros D.II $6.25

Airco D.H.2 $6.25

Fokker E.III $6.25

Albatros D.III $6.25

SPAD 13.C1 $6.25

Fokker D.VII $6.25

SPAD 7.C1 $9.25


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Prices are quoted in USD
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