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Upgrade your demo-account to a RoF version 1 full game account

We hope that you are enjoying flying the demo of 'Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War' and by simply upgrading your demo-account to that of a full account, you will get access to all the game's features!

  • 1.To upgrade your demo-account, please click the 'Buy' button that you will find on our online store page. After receiving confirmation of your payment, your demo-account will be automatically upgraded to a full game account. Please bear this in mind: you do not need to download and install the game again, and you do not need to register on the website again. Your demo download is the full game and when you purchase the game you unlock access to all the game's features.
  • 2.If you have been playing the demo and have now purchased the game then simply start the game as usual, and in the Logon screen please use the same email address and the same password that you have been using for demo access.
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