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1.012 – Results

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Posted 30 April 2010 - 10:34

Dear customers of the “Rise Of Flight” project! We are glad to notify you that the major stage of the project evolution, and now we are ready to submit its results to you. The main feature of the 1.012 version is the new multiplayer game mode – “Dogfight”. We are offering to you not just a simple possibility of continuously perform flights during a mission, but we are offering you two new (for genre) approaches to gameplay – “Capture The Flag” and “Team Death Match”.

However, the new game mode – this is not the only thing that we are offering to you in 1.012 version. We are presenting to you two new fighters of the early period of First World War – Albatros D.II and Nieuport 11.C1, two first trueborn fighters of warring parties, which were already not longer flying baskets, but full-fledged fighting vehicles with all required fighting qualities. It is with the advent of these two aircrafts the real "Was In The Sky" have started.

We are also offering you the «Du Doch Nicht» campaign, which tells the story of the part of operational record of German pilot ace Ernst Udet. This campaign is contains 10 missions the plot of which is based on real events of Udet’s life. These events were occurred in the period of time, when Ernst Udet was flew on the best fighter of German Air Forces – Fokker D.VII.

In addition, a separate mention should be made that with this version we are providing you a possibility to download, install and use the new official Skins Pack. This Pack contains 304 historical (generic) paint schemes of airplanes of “Rise Of Flight” project. In the near future we will complete work on a package of approved 3rd party paint schemes provided by community, which also will contain several hundreds of paint schemes.

In conclusion I would like you to tell you that whole huge amount of features and fixes which are included by 1.012 version were made in very tight time limits. In order to debug such voluminous update, besides our regular team of testers from 44 people, we have attracted another 54 people from the gaming community for open testing. All these people have made unprecedented efforts to ensure that you are pleasuring by the quality of the 1.012 version of the project "Rise Of Flight", enjoying by spending the time with the project and sharing your impressions of it with your friends. You may read the full list of features and fixed which are contained in this landmark project version below:

Features list of 1.012 version

1. Multiplayer Dogfight game mode (including two sub-modes – Capture The Flag (CTF) and Team DeathMatch (TDM)) have been added.
2. A game registration screen in the GUI (a sub-screen at Login) has been added.
3. The Albatros D.II fighter has been added.
4. The Nieuport 11.C1 fighter has been added.
5. A new 'Du Doch Nicht' campaign has been added.
6. Two new 50km x 50km maps have been added (for Quick Mission and Dogfight game modes)
7. All skins have been removed from the update to the Official Skins Pack and a HUGE amount of new generic skins have been added. Look for a link to the official skins-pack installer at http://www.riseofflight.com

8. More optimisations have been made to the graphics engine.
9. A monochrome HDR setting has been added.
10. Your selected external bomb payload is now visible on the plane model in the Hangar.
11. A 'surf' effect to water has been added (the visual effect depends upon the wind direction).
12. Buildings, Vehicles, Ships, Balloons now may be repaired by a mission script command.

13. The Pfalz D.XII fighter is now equipped with the more powerful BMW IIIa engine.
14. The Pfalz D.XII is now also equipped with a gun sight.
15. A bomb-release-handles animation was added for all planes.
16. An engine blip-switch button animation was added for all planes.

17. An optional 'Finish Mission Timeout' was added.
18. 'Finish Mission Only If Landed' option was added.
19. An optional 'Idle Players Kick Timeout' was added.
20. 'Return Friendly Fire' option was added.
21. 'Ping Limit' option was added.
22. 'Lock Payloads' option was added.
23. 'Lock Skins' option was added.
24. 'Kick Player' and 'Ban Player' voting notifications were added.
25. 'Player has been shot down by ground fire' chat notification was added.

26. The 'Create New Server' dialog has been revamped.
27. The servers list now has additional server-info tooltips which are displayed when your mouse cursor is over different parts of the server name display (server options (over left icons), server ping (over ping icon), server description (over server name), mission difficulty settings (over difficulty preset icon), players list (over players counter), missions rotation list (over current mission name)).
28. A Mission Briefing will now open by default when first entering the briefing map.
29. A subtitle coalition setting (in mission) is now counted in game.
30. The Flight Map On/Off state is now retained.
31. Russia, Italy, Austro-Hungary cockades are added.

32. Instant Ban button in DServer was added.
33. Some changes in RoF_updater.exe and Settings.exe GUI were made.

Fix list of 1.012 version

1. Rain flows effect causing significant reduction to framerate has been fixed.
2. Texture-seams near the shore line on winter maps were fixed.

3. Doubled flak explosions were fixed.
4. Forced signal rocket on plane spawn in multiplayer has been fixed.
5. Fake engine fire is now fixed.
6. Muzzle flashes now are visible in multiplayer game.
7. Airplane machinegun tracers spawn position was fixed.

8. Input curves problems after visiting the Options screen has been fixed (your existing input-curves should be re-assigned by moving each curve point).

9. The flight recording (tracks) system was significantly modified due to numerous fixes. Flight recordings which were recorded in version 1.011 or earlier versions are not supported in version 1.012.
10. Flight Recording now stops if the record file exceeds 500Mb.
11. An error occurring on rewinding large-size recordings is fixed.

12. The random pilot death right on plane appearing was fixed.
13. Fokker D.VIIF external sound has been corrected.
14. Pfalz D.XII centre-of-gravity position is now fixed.
15. Pfalz D.XII diving ability has been increased.
16. 'X-wings' problem is now fixed - now all planes will correctly lose wings when manoeuvering while heavily damaged.
17. The strength of the Fokker D.VIII wing is now increased.
18. The Fokker Dr.I, Fokker D.VIII and Nieuport 17.C1 automatic engine start procedures were corrected.
19. The Nieuport 17.C1 fighter's maximum speed and climb rate have been corrected.
20. The Nieuport 17.C1's minimal and maximal airspeed indicators were corrected (simple gauges).
21. When 'Safety Collisions' is enabled, the plane no longer sinks in water and no longer collides with objects while taking off.
22. The underwater crash sound after a plane has sunk is now fixed.
23. Engine time-to-overheat has been adjusted for all planes.
24. The BMW engine overheating indication on simple gauges is now fixed.
25. Low water temperature (randomly) at the mission start is now fixed.
26. S.E.5a MG ammo drum animation has been fixed.
27. Pilot resistance to bullet hit was reduced.
28. Periodic engine cut-outs while takeoff with enabled autopilot were fixed.

29. AAA and ships will now attack landed planes.
30. Ship gun-turrets will now not open fire when firing would damage the ship.

31. The chat scroll bar was fixed.
32. Chat List and Chat edit-box misalignment after drag-and-drop is now fixed.
33. Payload selection in the Hangar now applies immediately after selecting.
34. The ping indicator now does not show pings for servers which do not return the ping.
35. 'RUS' squad now shows correctly in the About screen.
36. Several localisation errors have been fixed.
37. The ENTER button now is grayed-out if the server becomes inaccessible after being selected.
38. The game crashing on editing the input curves has been fixed.
39. The Main Menu locking after operating the Single Missions list has been fixed.
40. Scrollbars are not now shown in lists if they are not required.
41. Application of a stored convergence setting in Singleplayer if player has not visited the hangar is now fixed.
42. A skin (paint scheme) which is pre-defined in the mission is now shown as selected in Hangar dialog.
43. Double-clicking on a mission folder causing the game to lock up is now fixed.
44. The Player's plane icon is now shown on the map even if the player's nickname is truncated on the plane's icon.
45. Windows may now not be resized to be greater than the screen's limits.
46. A server at the Mission Loading stage is now not available to enter from the servers list.
47. Quick Mission dialogs will now close when the mouse cursor moves outside a dialog box's limits.
48. The X button is now replaced by a CLOSE button on in-game Statistics and Options windows.
49. 'Can't load object' crash in Quick Mission is now fixed.
50. Quick Mission Skirmish last enemy or friendly flight should now always correspond to the Quick Mission dialog settings.
51. The black fade at the start of a mission now works after a mission restart.
52. The black fade should now cover the whole screen in all cases.
53. Create New Career - the default selection for the year (timeline) is now highlighted.

54. An aircraft now counts as 'killed' if there is no longer even one second wing-section on one of the plane sides.
55. An aircraft is now counting as 'killed' if there is no fuel remaining.
56. An aircraft is now counting as 'killed' if its engine is non-functional (if the engine is unable to maintain level flight) due to overheating or bullet-damage or for any other reason (formerly, the kill was counted only if the engine was on fire).
57. Shared-kills attribution has been tuned (for the case where several players have hit the enemy).
58. Players who have exited MP mission NOT by Finish Flight or by a common mission end event are now counted as KILLED, this happens in cases where a player is damaged and in the air. Landed or undamaged players will have no such penalty.
59. In the event of capture by the enemy, this function has been fixed.
60. Flight time will now be counted if the player has flown until the mission ends or until disconnection.

The link for downloading of the Official Skins Pack:

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