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Terms and Conditions for Skins creation and placement

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#1 AI-Neoqb

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Posted 12 March 2010 - 10:54

Rise Of Flight allows you to create custom paint schemes for planes and use them in-game. But to ensure fair play, we don't allow the use of custom paint scheme in "MODS OFF" mode.
However, we will allow you an opportunity to use approved third-party paint schemes in protected mode (MODS OFF).

What is needed:
• A custom aircraft paint scheme totally complying with developer requirements. Developer requirements are located here

How it works:
1) You have to create a poll-topic in “Paint schemes Polls” thread (if it’s a historical paint schemes - here, if it’s “For Fun” - here) using the following format:

a. Yes, I agree to add this paint scheme in protected mode;
b. No, I disagree to add this paint scheme in protected mode;

The post must contain:

- Paint scheme preview (1 in-game screenshot in 1024x768 pixel) and short paint scheme description (pilot name, squadron, period of time etc.);
- Paint scheme download link (*.dds file) on any available file shares site (filefront.com and so on);
- All needed links for paint scheme references.

2) Community members will carry out a vote for each offered paint scheme within 2 weeks period.

3) Depending on the voting results, a decision will be made – to approve or to decline a particular paint schemes.

4) For greater convenience, custom paint schemes will be integrated into RoF in sets (Skinpacks) as new skins are approved. The minimum amount of paint schemes per Skinpack is 10.

What is prohibited?
Point #1 requirements violation (see above) ;) ;

Placing a *.dds file on neoqb's official Rise of Flight site (Forum) is prohibited – only a link to an external download site is allowed.
If this type of posting appears, the poll topic and everything related to it will be deleted with no warnings or explanations.

• The files themselves will not automatically be added to the game. They will be available for download using torrents or file shares.
• If you play a mission that requires customized skins and you don't have any, it's ok. The game will simply revert to the default skins.
• The developer (neoqb) retains the right to approve or decline a paint scheme without any explanation.
• By submitting a paint scheme in this manner, the author agrees to a forgo of any his copyrights of said paint scheme and make it available for unlimited use. If the author wants to pursue commercial distribution of his creation, he should contact neoqb for further consideration.
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