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Tournament regulations and rules

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Posted 16 February 2010 - 13:58

The regulations and rules of the online tournament in the subject of duelling 1x1

1. The rules of the tournament

1.1. The tournament will include several stages (depends on the number of participants).
1.2. Every participant has to abide by the regulations of the tournament.
1.3. The applications are accepting since 19 February till 17 March 2010 (the term can be changed).
1.4. If the participant doesn't have any plane accepted in tournament, he should point it in the application.
1.5. The organizers will give all the required planes for the time of the competition.
1.6. The organizers have a right to forbid using the given planes in the case of disregard of these rules.
1.7. The participant will draw lots and there will be made a chart of duels of the first stage.
1.8. The term of a duel should be defined by the both participants, but this term cannot be longer than 7 days since the chart is published. The referee will make the decision only in an extraordinary cases.

2. The rules of a duel

2.1. The referee surely has to present on the duel.
2.2. A duel includes 3 fights, everyone of which is continuing less than 20 minutes. The fights go in-series using 3 couples of same plane types in this order:
S.E.5.a - S.E.5.a;
Fokker dr1 - Fokker dr1;
Sopwith Camel - Sopwith Camel;
Another decision of the order can be made by the referee's choice.
2.3. Technical defeat will conceded to participant if one be 15 minutes late for the duel.
If a participant gives a notice of being later, the referee can make decision to postpone the fight or to concede defeat.
2.4. Both participants have to use the same TS channel as the referee.
2.4. The referee will publish the results of a duel on the website.

3. The rules of fights

3.1. The amount of fuel is defining by each participant in approximate computation for 20 minutes flight duration.
3.2. The participants start the engines and report to the referee that they are ready to take off. On a signal of referee they taking off from the airdrome in reverse direction, reaching the balloons, turning back and going towards each other. Frontal attack in first meeting is illegal.
3.3. The fight is replayed in the case of the participants’ collision.
3.4. The winner is participant stayed alone in the air and can fly during half a minute (if it is required by referee) after the opponent touches the ground.
3.5. If one of the participants is disconnected, is conceded defeated (except the case when the disconnection is come before the flight started, anyway all decisions come by the referee choice).
3.6. Both participants must record tracks and give them to the referee in at the very latest 10 minutes after the flight finished.

In case of breaking the limit of time (for example, both participants are without ammo), permanent collisions, disconnections - at the discretion of the referee – continue
the fight, replay it again or do serial of frontal attacks until one of the sides defeated.

4. Participants are forbidden to:

4.1. Wrangle with the referee.
4.2. Shoot in the first meeting (head-on attack).
4.3. Leave the appointed zone of the fight (except the intensive fight).
4.4. Use the bombs at any case.

5. The participants are allowed to:

5.1. Use any tactics for the reaching the goal, except the forbidden aforesaid.
5.2. At the own discretion choose the altitude of entrance in the fight.
5.3. Make an emergency landing (in this case the pilot will be considered as the defeated one).

6. The scoring

6.1. The sum of wins makes the score.
6.2. A win of a fight imputes 1 point.
6.3. Defeat of a fight doesn’t impute any point.

7. Spectators

The spectators accessed for the competition is forbidden to:

7.1. Flame in the game chat.
7.2. Use the same TS channel as the referee and participants.

Please feel it free to discuss this rule here
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