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Updating and copying the game

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#1 AI-Neoqb

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 15:29

Q: I Installed the game, started downloading the updates, but after download progress starts, I recieve a message that says: updating error, see update.log file.
A: There are two solutions:
1. Try this first: Before you start updating, unpack the contents of the attached .zip file into the main RoF folder. It will update your update tool to a new version and fix your updater config. Then try to perform the update again.
Attached File  MASTER_updater_1010.zip   607.3KB   2324 downloads

2. If that fails, try this:
- Go to Game main folder\updates folder and delete everything except current.snap file.
- Then go to Game main folder\bin_game\release\ and execute restore.bat file.
- Wait until the process finishes.
- Play the game.

Q: Where my customizations are stored?
A: Here you go:
<RoF_folder>\data\startup.cfg – game settings
<RoF_folder>\data\dedicated_config.sds – DServer profile settings
<RoF_folder>\data\input\<my_input_profile>.map – user devices profiles
<RoF_folder>\data\LuaScripts\snapviews\*.svc – user views settings files for each plane
<RoF_folder>\data\missions\*.* - mission files created by user
<RoF_folder>\data\multiplayer\cooperative\*.* - multiplayer files downloaded from DServers or user created

Here you go:
<RoF_folder>\data\startup.cfg – game settings
<RoF_folder>\data\dedicated_config.sds – DServer profile settings
<RoF_folder>\data\input\<my_input_profile>.map – user devices profiles
<RoF_folder>\data\LuaScripts\snapviews\*.svc – user views settings files for each plane
<RoF_folder>\data\missions\*.* - mission files created by user
<RoF_folder>\data\multiplayer\cooperative\*.* - multiplayer files downloaded from DServers or user created
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#2 taleks2

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Posted 12 August 2010 - 05:31

1. information in first post is applicable only for versions prior to 1.010. If you have 1.010 and later there is no need to download attached in first post master updater, cause you have more recent version already. If you have versions before 1.010, you may use attached glass.zip as well, cause it's more recent than master_updater_1010.zip
2. restore.bat is not included to game distribution in recent version, cause it's function was to start recovery mode, which may be done in RoF updater GUI now. Alternatively, you may start recovery mode from command line: rof_updater.exe /recovery
Also, recovery mode in latest versions is started automatically, if updater can't find current.snap. If you really need restore.bat, check attached glass.zip.
3. there is no big need in deleting everything in updates folder in latest versions of updater in most of issues. Thus, if you're interested in keeping you traffic low, don't delete anything before reporting about problem and trying other ways.

How to report about problem?

first way:
1. perform update in recovery mode (if you're able to start updater recovery mode)
2. find file {game folder}/data/last_update.log (later versions only) or {game folder}/data/update.log (both recent and early versions of game), compress it to .zip archive and attach to your problem reporting post. Alternatively, if it's difficult to compress, you may open this file in notepad or any other text editor, copy all contents (e.g. with keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C) and paste to problem reporting post (e.g.: Ctrl + V).

second way:
1. download attached RoF updater (I call it "glass edition" due image on main screen)
2. uncompress all it's content to {game folder}/bin_game/release, overwriting existing files (notably: rof_updater.exe and rofuplib.dll). Or you may uncompress files to desktop and copy them to game folder, overwriting original files.
3. start restore_n_report.bat
4. it will perform recovery update as usual. After closing updater application, you will see in Explorer update.log and compressed update log .zip archive (which is stored in {game folder}/bin_game/release/update_log_is_here folder). Attach it to the problem reporting post on this forum.

Q: How do I know, that updater is in recovery mode?
A: In recovery mode RoF updater's window title have string: "[recovery mode]".
To be sure you've started correct updater, check image on main updater screen (it must be not "stay tuned" or airplane image).

Q: I see in update.log/last_update.log that there are too many connection timeouts. It's strange, I'm sure I've good broadband connections. Any ways to perform update?
A: default updater.config, bundled with game distribution, is not the best for all situations. You may use updater.config.default from attached glass.zip (just rename it and copy to data/updater/updater.config), it have more appropriate connection timeouts related options.

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