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Distribution and Registration

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 15:23

I am updating this old and venerable FAQ because new users are still stumbling upon it and game has changed so much that some answers here no longer work. Bear in mind that I'm not a 777 employee, so any answers marked as "by Trupo" are not official answer from the company... but I either know they work, or have best chance of working. In particular, new customer support system means most of the question are answered with "send a ticket to CS" - if they can't help, no one can (Trupo). 


Q: How does distribution and licence registration work (new question added by Trupo in 2016)?

A: As of 2016, basic RoF program is free to play. You can download it for free here:


or get if via steam for free from here:


or buy a boxed game. All programs are identical and will update to newest version before first run, although steam version needs to be run via steam. If you have old DVD, it may be better idea to download fresh version then install it and have it update itself.


The payware, licenced part of RoF is planes (and channel map). Free to play RoF comes with 3 planes, other planes must be purchased - in online store, as boxed game, as steam DLCs. That's what Licence Keys add. If you bought a boxed version of game, you don't need Licence Key to run it - you need key to add payware planes that came with your game. In fact, planes is what you pay for when buying the game.


RoF uses online user accounts, much like MMRPG games, to store users profilies and licences. You log into the game, this forum and online store using the same account (email/password). When you make new account, it lets you fly three free planes when you log into game. When you register Licence Key, it gives your account access to your new planes. 


Oh, and the planes you don't own? They are still in the game, you can meet them in air... you just can't fly them yourself.





Q: I cannot get through the License Key activation step. It's very frustrating and complicated.
A: After 2015, you always activate the Licence Keys by 

1) registering an account on this site/forum. This also serves as in-game account - you log into the game and riseofflight.com site using the same email/password. 

2) logging in and activating your key on page linked below


Your licence will become active and tied to your account.

3) after you activate a key, you need to log into the game in online mode to have your new content appear in game.

(Note that if you have problems activating the key, you still can play the game itself in free to play mode while you wait for issue to be resolved. These days, the keys add payware planes to basic free account).

(Errata by Trupo)

You have two ways:
1: Registering via Site
In order to play the game you have to be registered on our forum:
Follow the above link and enter your login (e-mail address), your desired password and nickname and then click “Login to site”. Don’t forget to check the “remember me” box.
Then, go to “Profile/License” page and enter your license key and check the “I agree to the conditions of the user agreement” box. Don’t do anything else! Just close your browser.
Adjust your settings using <game_folder>\bin_game\release\settings.exe.
Start the game using your account credentials you just created.
2: Registering via game GUI
Install and update your game copy
Run the game, when your game Login screen will appear - press "Register new Account" button
Accept the EULA, fill all fields in registration form, press ACTIVATE button
If you want to use the e-mail (account) which you have used for DEMO version (or for the site but not for the game) before, than you should enter the same "e-mail" and "password" as before.

Q: I’ve received my license, but after I fill in the registration, it tells me: "Nick is not unique" and removes my chosen name from the field.
A: This simply means that someone has already taken your preferred username. You can either choose an entirely new name, or edit your preferred name slightly to be unique (e.g. RedBaron might be taken but RedBaronXYZ might not).

Q: I’m trying to register my game, but it tells “Invalid License Key”.
A: Be sure that you have entered your license key correctly. If you're sure - contact customer service here:



with all necessary explanations; use attachment mechanism to add a digital photo of your game box and card with license key ;  we will solve the issue. 

(Errata by Trupo)

Q: I have an original game disk and license key but can’t authorize it. Why? I keep seeing an “Invalid License Key” message. I activated this earlier but couldn’t login using my old E-Mail address.
A: For the purposes of playing the game, you have to use the E-Mail address login that you registered on our site with the corresponding license key. You may change your password and nickname any time you want, but as mentioned above, you cannot change your E-Mail address because the e-mail address is the main part of our copy protection system.

(If you still have the old email account, you can use "forgot password" option to have it sent to you. If your old email no longer exists and you have no password, or you don't remember name of old email, you've cut yourself off your RoF content. Try sending customer support a ticket with photo of your game box and licence key card to prove you are owner of this licence, maybe they can dig up your account and change your email - but I don't promise they can, it's never been tried yet. Trupo)

Q: Where can I obtain a License Key to activate the game? I bought the it via the site Aerosoft (download)?
A: That depends on where you bought the game. It should be inside your box if you bought the boxed game, in your email if you bought in in online store. If you bought a steam version, right-click on Rise of Flight in steam games library and choose "CD keys" from menu that appears. Finally, if you buy anything in our online store, it's added to your account automatically, with no product keys.  
 License Keys look like this: MHBRJ-B8RZS-ZU8KD-K9ET5-557VY (this is an example – will not work). (Errata by Trupo)


Neoqb (that's us, the game development company) doesn’t sell the game, so we don’t have any License Keys to give out to anybody. That aspect is handled entirely by our official publishers and should be inside of your box (retail version) or within an e-mail message which you should receive if you download the game.Please contact the vendor you bought the game from if you never received your key.

Q: After I installed new OS I am unable to sign in or re-register…
A: You don't have to re-register you key upon reinstallation of the game or your OS. Just properly install the game on your new OS (don't forget to install all 3rd party applications that come on the disk) and then play the game using your normal e-mail address and password. That's it! Repeat: once you register the first time, forget about doing it ever again. You already did it successfully and this process should be done only once!

Q: I’ve installed the demo successfully but am unable to start it. Do I need a demo License Key?
A: As it's demo, you don't need to worry about a License Key. But You have to be registered on our site only http://riseofflight.com/enand then just fire the game up (demo version), input your login and your password and have at it!

Q: If I bought this game second-hand, how do make use of the License Key that came with it if the previous owner already registered using it?
A: Once a License Key is used to register an account, it becomes forever linked to that login and password, and thus, cannot be used to register under a new username. There are two solutions:
1. You can purchase a new copy of the game;
2. You can ask the previous owner for his login (e-mail address) and password.
Beyond those two option, we're sorry but we won’t be able to help.

Q: I can’t find my License Key! Give me one, neoqb!
A: As stated above, Neoqb is not a vendor – we are developers, so we couldn't provide License Keys even if we wanted to. You have to purchase the game first. Check here for buying options:
Pick a suitable publisher for you and make the purchase. You will then receive a hard copy of the game (with its license key inside of a box) or if you will purchase digital version – it will be an e-mail message from a publisher where you would be provided with a key.
Your license key should look like this: MHBRJ-B8RZS-ZU8KD-K9ET5-557VY (attention – this is just an example – won’t work for you). Usually they make it on a sticker (retailed version). You have to find it.

Q: I changed my E-Mail address. What do I do now? Can you change my account credentials?
A: Send a ticket to customer support informing them you want to change the email tied to your profile and let them know what is your new email. They *may* be able to help you, no promises from me (Trupo).

Unfortunately, we will not change e-mail addresses in our database, reason being, the e-mail address are the main part of our copy protection system. You can still play the game as long as you enter your old e-mail address at the login screen. The only thing you will lose in changing your e-mail address is the occasional official newsletter sending updates about additional content and the like and possibility to buy them. Hope you understand and thanks for cooperation. If you don’t want to lose mentioned above, please, write to rof@neoqb.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; will try to help you.

Q: I've purchased a license key from Demo to full version of the game. Now what?
A: On our site go to “Profile/License” page and enter your license key and check the “I agree to the conditions of the user agreement” box. Don’t do anything else! Just close your browser.
Start the game using your normal account credentials. That’s it, you're done! Have fun playing the game!

Q: I’ve been doubled charged when trying to purchase a plane in your store. What do I do now?
A: Due to circumstances beyond neoqb's control, when buying an aircraft in our online store, some of you have been charged twice. We apologize for this and offer the following solutions to solve out this problem:
1. You can choose any other aircraft for purchase that you don't own already;
2. Neoqb can put the second charge in a sort of "store credit" mode and when a new aircraft you want becomes available in our store, you can apply your store credit.
For double-billing issues, contact to rof@neoqb.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Q: How do I start the game? Must I first purchase a plane? Even after I purchased the dvd game?
A: No additional purchases are required to play the game. Simply install, updtae and run it. The game comes with several planes already unlocked for your use.

Q: When I launch the game I get a message – wrong e-mail or password. Can you help me?
A: Shoot us a message at rof@neoqb.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; telling us what's happening and provide your license key.

Q: I would like to buy some new planes. When I click on the ''Buy'' button of the chosen plane, a message pops up:'' Please create an account and enter a key to buy a plane'' but I don't know how to create a customer account and how to get the key. Could you show me how to do it so I could get the planes I want?
A: In order to buy you have to be logged in on our site first. Go to site and Login yourself (small black area in the upper right corner). Type in your registered E-Mail address, password and nickname. Then go to the Store.

Q: I bought the game and have registered to play. Now I’m going to sell the game through an Ebay auction. I heard that this was not possible because I have registered the game by my email. Can I sell the game and someone else can play the game?
A: The only way this type of transfer will work is if you allowed him to know your e-mail address (the one you registered with) and your password. If you are uncomfortable with the other person knowing either or both of those things, then this is probably a bad idea. He/she will either have information you don't want him/her to have. Or he/she will not be able to play the game and you might get in trouble with Ebay for selling a product that someone couldn't use.

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