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Posted 11 January 2010 - 15:18

Q: I have ATI card and get bored with shimmering - what can i do with this?
A: Try the following settings in ATI control panel:
Supersampling - Box AA - then check application controlled
AF - application controlled
Catalyst AI - Off
You must had no shimmering with post effects on or off.
Thanks to TX-Gunslinger: viewtopic.php?p=83037#p83037

Q: When I start the game, I get a screen where there is one airplane revolving in the center of the screen surrounded by other planes (inside of a hanger). There is no command or pull down menu and no options to start the game. Only a propeller and wings.
A: This is because of a non standard desktop screen resolution. Please do the following to correct the issue:
1.Go to the 'Rise of flight' main folder in 'c:\program files' and then go to 'data' folder
2.There will be a file called 'startup.cfg'
3.Edit it with notepad
4.Find these lines which should be near at the top:
[KEY = graphics]
filter = 1
forest_quality = 1
full_height = 600
full_width = 800
fullscreen = 0
5.Change 'full height' and 'full width' values to the desired numbers (For example, many current widescreen monitors use 'full_height = 1080' and 'full_width = 1650'). Then make sure it reads 'fullscreen = 1'.
6.Finally, save the changes, click your RoF shortcut, click 'start game' and…good hunting!:)

Q: I tried to start the game but get an error: #2 "Your connection to Master-Server was temporarily lost. Check your internet-connection"!
Attached File  Error#2.jpg   42.99KB   9633 downloads
A:This error occurs it the following cases:
1. In case if Your computer is not connected to the Internet;
2. If the neoqb company Master-Server is unavailable or it under Service maintenance work;
3. In case you have not updated your version of the game to the latest version (see it here Updating the game).

Q: I tried to start the game but get an error: “ROF.exe has stop working”!
Q: I just purchased and installed RoF on a Windows XP laptop and it will not run. When I try to start the program, it gives me a Windows error and prompts whether I want to send the error to Microsoft or not.
Q: I've just installed RoF, allowed it to download and update, and have registered and activated my account. On trying to "Start Game" the launcher window closes and nothing happens and if I try the "settings" button then "neoqb has encountered a problem and needs to be closed" occurs. I trust you can help with this fundamental problem.

A: It might be due to operating system conflicts or because your PC does not match a minimum configuration specification required. Send a dxdiag.txt of your PC to rof@neoqb.com.
To create a dxdiag.txt file, follow these steps:
1. Click the Windows “Start” button (left bottom corner of your screen)
2. Select “Run” in menu list
3. In command line enter dxdiag, press Enter and wait for the DirectX window to load.
4. Find “Save…” button (bottom of the window, 3rd button from left to right) and click it
5. Choose where you want to save the dxdiag.txt file and push “Save” button
6. You have now created a dxdiag.txt file. Please send it to rof@neoqb.com
We'll check out your system configuration and it may help us to resolve your problem.

Q: How do I adjust my devices (joystick, pedals, throttle)?
1. Inside the game go to "Options" Tab;
2. Choose "Controls"/"Plane controls";
3. Find “Plane control: yaw left” and select this (it should turn dark red);
5. Double click on this string (do not move a mouse or any keyboard buttons) and move your pedals;
6. Save the result to a file (any new name – input_peter, as an example) and use these settings.
That’s all. Your pedals should work now. Use the same method for any other devices such as joysticks, throttle and remapping keyboard keys.

Q: I just purchased one of your add-on planes using your online store. Where do I go to download it?
A: All planes, including add-on planes, are already in the game before they are available for purchase (they are included in the free patches). As such, what you actually purchased was the ability to fly the plane. Thus, no separate download is required. Simply login to your account and the plane will be available for flight.

Q: How do I adjust joystick curve sensitivity in-game?
A: Here's something that might help…
Attached File  curves.jpg   180.49KB   10187 downloads

Q: I have joystick but every time I try to assign zoom to 2 of the buttons and save the profile (have tried different file name) there is no effect.
A: There are two zoom controls in the settings page: One listed under “camera control” and another under “pilot head control”. Remap the zoom in “Pilot head control”. It also works with TrackIR.

Q: I have been unsuccessful at finding where to check "Mods On". Can someone give me some direction here.
A: You have to do it in the RoF launcher Settings.exe in “Game settings” tab where you can change the language of the game, before you start it and check on “Mods” check box.

Q:I have an issue where as I approach to land the throttle on the aircraft locks in at half way and doesn't allow me to throttle right back. This means when I touch down I can't slow the plane and bring it to a stop because the engine is still running at around 1,000 revs, and I end up crashing through the forest or into one of the hangers. The only way I can get around this is to cut the engine immediately I have touched down. I don't have this problem in flight, obtaining fully open throttle control down to idle so it can't be anything to do with the joystick which is an Extreme 3D Pro. Any ideas why this would be?
A: This one related with Automatic RPM limiter option work style for Rotary engine in game. You can either turn off this option inside the game in "Mission Settings" screen, or use a Blip-switch).

Q:My friend and I have been attempting to host games so that we can play together to get used to the game. Every time either of us host it starts up just fine and goes to the aircraft selection screen but whenever the other person tries to join it loads about half way then kicks them to the main menu. We have tried it with firewalls and anti viruses off but still no luck.
A: Take a look at screenshot…

Attached File  Untitled-3.jpg   61.53KB   9834 downloads

If in the list of IP addresses has more than one option, please select the correct address or type the correct IP address in the field "Type IP manually".

Next, check and make sure that the ports are displayed in the "Game ports" area are correct and have been opened on your Router. If you need to use other ports, then enter them manually turning on a "Type game ports manually" checkbox…

Q: I’m hosting my own DServer and my DServer stuck after 16-20 missions rotation, what can I do?
A: Use the “ShutdownLoads=15” parameter in your *.sds DSever config file, it will Close DServer after 15 missions rotation correctly. After that your launcher-script (special 3rd party tool or .bat script-file) should start the DServer with specified config again.

Q: Snap-views on my plane are corrupted by some kind of reason, what should I do to have default snap-vews?
A: Please run Restore.bat utility, it will restore all defaults in your copy of simulator.

Q: How I should to control my BMW engine on Fokker D.VIIF?
A: New BMW engine had an unique carburatter fueature - pilot had to operate two separate engine throttle levers: an "normal throttle" and so called "high altidude throttle". By engine operational manual pilot should work with it by following rules:
0-2000 meters, high altitude throttle closed;
2000-3000 meters, high altitude throttle opened 1/3;
3000-4000 meters, high altitude throttle opened 2/3;
4000 meters, high altitude throttle fully opened.
Altitude throttle position in cockpit is "forward" - closed, "backward" - opened, opposite to main throttle movement.
When incorrectly operated high altitude throttle can cause engine pre-ignition, so it would feel as "hard" engine work, metallic and knocking sounds from engine, high vibration level. Long operation with it on such regimes would cause engine to failure.
However, experienced german pilots used it "by incorrect way" in external combat conditions to gain more power on low altitudes. As example, when high altitude throttle opened at ground level altitudes it would give an 30-40 more horsepowers and speed increase by 10 kilometers per hour.
Using of high altitude throttle lower than 2000 meters allowed in extream situations and for short time periods only!

Q: My setting of gamma-correction is not affect to game image, what I’m doing wrong?
A: Gamma-correction setting have affect only in case of full-screen mode. It does not work in Windowed mode, in this case gamma settings are taken from windows desktop settings.

Q: I’m hosting my game server with my own custom-made missions, why for players (who playing on my server) these missions loading longer than default missions?
A: You should delete Multiplayer/Cooperative/<my_multiplayer_missions>.Mission files. There should remain:
In this case the binary missions (*.msnbin) will be downloaded to clients from server. Binary missions have significantly less time of loading.

Q: I’m observing some kind of unnatural spasmodic movement of airplanes when playing as client on Multiplayer game server, why it is happens?
A: Such kind of “warping” is possible if one of the following conditions is achieved:
1. Connection between server and client is bad:
Client may to not receive some of data bursts or their sequence may be corrupted - in this case network syncronization algorythm may be cumbered to syncronize the trajectories of all objects which are calculating on server or other clients.
2. Connection between server and another client is bad:
Client may to not receive some of data bursts from another client. In this case he will see "warping" another client who have bad connection, even if he have good connection for himself.
3. Ping is too long or unstable:
In this case syncronization algorythm will be cumbered in case when the network-transfered object have complex trajectory with exponent more than 2th.
4. Server is overloaded by planes which are not occuped by clients:
In this case simulation on the server of one second of the sim-world life on the server may require more than one second in reality (in other words - simulation world on the server will drop astern from REQUIRED real time simulation). Clients simulation engine will not drop astern in same time becourse they have to simulate only their own plane and ammunition.
When server simulation-load will be weaken - it will start to overtake the simulation time which it have loast due to sim-performace problems before. And this may cause warpings in whole game world.
5. Server have no anougth hardware performance:
Similar to point #4, but in this case sim-performance problems may become with less number of server-simulated objects.

Q: Why only convergence setting is storing in my Hangar? Why fuel and skin settings not storing?
A: There are different fuel loads required for different missions, so if low fuel setting will be stored after scramble mission in next mission (which may be a long-range patrol) you may to forgot your previous setting and start it, so your stored low-level setting will cause mission fail.
Default Skin and Payload settings are unique for each mission and it is corresponding with mission designer conception for this mission. So mission designer decision about skin and payload defaults is primary.

Q: How should I configure my DServer config file?
A: Default .sds config file (<RoF_folder>/data/dedicated_config.sds) have detailed comments for each config parameter. Look for text in the end of string after // tag. Examle:
maxClients=32 //Number of clients allowed to be simultaneously on the server.

Q: I have purchased a new PC, how can I transfer my RoF to it? Should I buy RoF again?
A: Not at all. Account which have activated license key on it may be used by owner on any PC which is corresponding with RoF minimal system requirements and have internet connection. You just need to have installed and updated RoF version on this PC. Run RoF on new PC and enter your login and password. It’s all.

Q: How can I transfer my RoF version to another PC without need to make a big update from basic version in my installer?
A: Just copy your current updated version from old PC to new one.

Q: I’m choosing inputSaytekEvo input profile and after that I have some kind of problems with my input, what should I do?
A: Please press a DEFAULT button and save the profile under new name. InputSaytekEvo.map is obsolete and should be deleted manually from <RoF_folder>/data/input folder.

Q: My game image is too dark, I don’t like it. What can I do to make is brighter?
A: You may to increase the Gamma-correction or turn off the HDR post-effect in Settings.

Q: I’ve updated my RoF to version 1.011, and now I can’t found Free Fly missions, what can I do?
A: Fly Now missions was removed from project because their functionality is fully replaced by Quick Mission game mode.
You may have analogue of Russian Roulette mission by choosing “Duel” locations in Quick Mission.
You may have analogue of Take Off and Ground Attack missions by choosing “Skirmish” locations in Quick Mission and enemy flights to 0 (zero) and setting Scramble start type. You may set preferred ground targets by selecting checkboxes in lower part of the screen.

Q: I have selected Edge-Detect filter in ATI card driver settings - my game shows me a black screen.
A: do not use a Edge-Detect filter.
When you choose anti-aliasing 4хАА in the driver settings of this video card we recommend to choose a filter - BOX.

Q: No Anti-Aliasing (ATI), what should I do?
A: Open driver setting and check an "Use Application Setting" checkbox + set in ROF settings.exe AA and anizo to needed levels.
Also, turn off catalyst AI and set AAMode to supersampling.

Q: I'm playing my Career/Campaign but my profile statistics is not updating, why?
A: Statistics is not counting if mission difficulty options are too weak
- If "Unlimited Fuel" option is on or
- If "Unlimited Ammo" option is on or
- If "Invulnerability" option is on or
- If "Safety collisions" option is on or
- If All options in at least one of three columns are turned on

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