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3rd party tools and devices

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 15:15

Q: I have F12 mapped to reset my TrackIR 4 view to looking forward. Could someone please tell me how I would be able to map that F12 command to a button on my Ch Pro Throttle so that I don't have to hunt for the F12 key while flying? I was hoping to be able to do this inside of RoF and not have to use any CH software to accomplish this.
A: It’s under the profiles tab in the TrackIR software. Very easy to do. You set it just like you would any other direct-x setting in RoF (or any other flight sim).

Q: When using “QMG” and “Skin Sharing” tools made by 3rd party creators, the game becomes unstable. What do I do?
A: Neoqb does not provide technical support for third party “Quick mission generators” or any other applications like this. Neoqb is not responsible for any game instability that results from third party applications:

(USER AGREEMENT, RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE OPERATOR, 4.6. Operator is not liable for losses incurred as a result of the use of the Game, as well as for loss or other damage arising from the User in connection with the actions of third parties).

Q: I’m using “QMG” and “Skin Sharing” tool made by 3rd party creators. I can’t see custom missions and skins in game. What can I do?
A: Launch “Settings.exe” application and go to “Game settings” tab. Check the «Mods on» checkbox. Start the game. ATTENTION: Please remember that having mods active means that you won’t be counted in the global statistics.

Q: I have my gaming computer, Logitech 3d Pro Joystick, Rise of Flight and Track IR4pro. What should I install first? Track IR or Rise of flight?
A: Rise of Flight first. There will be a huge download for the ROF updates so be patient. Once you have the game running as you wish, then you load TrackIR and work on the TrackIR adjustments.

Q: Where are the skins (paint jobs) for planes located?
A: To install 3rd party skins, you must create a "Skins" folder and for each plane using the following directions: Game main folder/Data/Graphics/Skins/<plane_name_folder>.
/AlbatrosD3 – Albatros D.III skins folder
/AlbatrosD5 – Albatros D.Va skins folder
/Breguet 14 – Breguet 14.B2 skins folder
/DFWC5 – DFW C.5 skins folder
/FokkerD7 – Fokker D.VII skins folder
/FokkerD8 – Fokker D.VIII skins folder
/FokkerDr1 – Fokker Dr.I skins folder
/Nieuport17 – Nieuport 17.C1 skins folder
/ Nieuport28 – Nieuport 28.C1 skins folder
/PfalzD12 – Pfalz D.XII skins folder
/ PfalzD3a – Pfalz D.IIIa skins folder
/SE5a – S.E.5a skins folder
/SopCamel – Sopwith Camel skins folder
/SopDolphin – Sopwith Dolphin skins folder
/Spad13 – SPAD 13.C1 skins folder
Put your downloaded skins in the proper folder and enable "Mods On" in “Game settings” tab of the Setings.exe application when you boot up RoF (before entering the game proper).

Q: I'd like to know where I can find my personal parameters, like joystick config, in the roots of game because I will soon upgrade my OS to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 and after my format, I would like to refined my old joystick in same place!
<RoF_folder>\data\startup.cfg – game settings
<RoF_folder>\data\dedicated_config.sds – DServer profile settings
<RoF_folder>\data\input\<my_input_profile>.map – user devices profiles
<RoF_folder>\data\LuaScripts\snapviews\*.svc – user views settings files for each plane
<RoF_folder>\data\missions\*.* - mission files created by user
<RoF_folder>\data\multiplayer\cooperative\*.* - multiplayer files downloaded from DServers or user created

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