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[Tip] Mission editor secondary objectives

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#1 =J99=Sizzlorr

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 14:15

I thought i open a thread in this section, because this is a very important information for mission builders which want to make more complex missions. I hope this thread can provide some useful tips on how to set the mission outcome of secondary objectives right.

Therefore i am going to confuse you a bit with a picture of the formidable RoF ME. The things done in the editor are described step by step afterwards.

Attached File  Secondary objectives ME.JPG   157.71KB   2049 downloads

First you have to set a mission begin translator and a mission end translator. Then you decide how long your mission duration is. In this picture i have set the mission duration to 10min. Set a TL from mission begin to the 10min timer and a TL from 10min timer to mission end.

Then you place your secondary target. In this picture it is a balloon called Aerostats. Assign the balloon to the defender(AP) side. Set up a counter for the balloon (ballooncounter) and assign the event on killed.

Then you should place 2 mission translator MCUs for the outcome defender success and attacker failure. place another timer which is also as long as the mission takes in this example it is 10min. Now connect mission begin translator with TL to this timer. Then a TL from this timer to both mission translator objectives.

Now the game knows if time is up then defender wins and attacker loses. This should not happen in all cases. If the balloon gets destroyed this outcome is wrong. Therfore you have to set another two mission translator objectives. Here you have to set the outcome to attacker success and defender failure. Now you will connect them with the ballooncounter. TL from ballooncounter to both mission translator objectives.

Now the game knows that when the balloon get shot down attacker wins and defender loses. But the 10 min timer in the end will still activate the other mission objective translators with the wrong outcome. Therfore you have to set a MCU trigger deactivate and connect the ballooncounter via TL with the MCU trigger deactivate and the MCU trigger deactivate with the 10 min timer which activates the outcome defender success and attacker failure.

After that you set up some planes one attacker one defender. Assign the planes sides one attacker (CP) one defender (AP). Give each plane a counter. Assign events to the counter (e.g onpilot killed, onplane destroyed, onkilled, onplane landed, on plane crashed) This leads the counter to be activated when the set event happens. Connect each counter to a 1 sec timer.

Now connect both 1 sec timer with the mission translator objective with the outcome defender success and attacker failure. Now the game thinks that when one plane has been shot down the balloon is defended. This is not right for the case in which the balloon gets destroyed therefore you have to connect our deactivate MCU trigger with both 1 sec timer. Et voila you have set the mission outcome for this secondary objective right for every case.

To get the mission to end you have to put two 3 sec timers which should be triggerd by the plane counters and connect them with the mission end translator.

Now the game thinks that when one plane is shot down the outcome of this task is defender success and attacker failure. But this is not true for all cases. If the balloon gets destroyed those counter have to be deactivated. So connect the deactivate MCU trigger with both 1sec counters.

Made it stisky
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#2 KrisKringle

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Posted 23 January 2010 - 04:40

Ahem, I have a question. First off how would I open a map already having all the airfields….
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#3 Fuby

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Posted 24 January 2010 - 14:09

Ahem, I have a question. First off how would I open a map already having all the airfields….

look under useful materials and goto lesson1 (actually, just work thru all the lesson's while your there..;))
http://riseofflight....rials/lessons/1">http://riseofflight....en/community/us … /lessons/1

about 2/3rd's down the lesson you will find links to two files Base-for-trunc.group and Base-no-trunc.group. Download these files.. when you start a new map, IMPORT one of those into the map.. all buildings and airfields will be in correct place. The next thing you do, is find the area you wish to use.. Now, DELETE anything outside that area to make the map work at a faster pace. And, you now have the airfields, bridges and towns as they should be.

Ofcourse, you could just find a piece of land and place an airfield there. ;)

Sizzlorr…great walkthru on secondary objective!! The community could use more of this.. and buddy, you seem to have a gift for writing them out! Thanks , look forward to more and more walkthru's…;)

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#4 tarianz

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Posted 24 November 2011 - 09:41

Good editor!! )
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#5 santiagojamesae

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Posted 10 October 2012 - 19:14

Unfortunately i was unable to download any files from the links given.
Maybe this is what happened to Merlinnus.So far i have only been trying out missions with the lake and Verdun maps.Importing the buildings from these maps has not been an issue as they do not have to "downloaded".Does anyone know if the links given are valid and if the files still need to be downloaded?
I know ROF is in constant change!!(well done 777)
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