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A True or Phalz question

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#1 mortoma541

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Posted 19 September 2021 - 11:47

True or Phalz? The F.E.2b is the least survivable aircraft in ROF.


Answer: Phalz!! While it would normally be the least survivable aircraft, (because the gunner can't cover its six very well) it seems they have coded the game so it's missions have fewer attackers. I have all my careers with the exact same advanced difficulty settings, whether fighter or two-seater, yet I get far fewer attackers when being a gunner in the F.E.2b. The few times I got enemy fighters attacking me, it didn't go nearly as well as being a gunner in the other two-seaters. Probably a good idea because you would not survive a dead-is-dead career for very long in this plane if you got a normal amount of attacking planes. One time I resorted to switching back to being the pilot and doing heavy evasive flying and I fared a bit better but my plane had many holes. But most of the time I see little opposition, so I'm still alive after 10 missions. So now we ask; The F.E.2b, or not 2b? That is the question. I say not 2b


So for me at least I consider the R.E.8 to be the least survivable because it doesn't take damage very well.

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