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Fuel loads: historical and ROF application

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Posted 18 March 2021 - 09:44

Hallo everyone!


I've witnessed many different approaches to the fuel load question on the servers and found little and scattered informations on the forum.


My main question is: how to apply historical fuel loads in ROF?


I'm aware that a simulation is a fun shadow of the real air war's context, part of the environment can't be replicated and even the physics reproduced are approximations.

With that in mind, we sometimes try to adapt historical data to the characteristics of the sim, mediating between the two in the name of fun.

Some even suggest to use the fuel load as key compensation for some mistreated FM, that margin being discussed in other threads.

There's also the aspect of choosing between historical and relatively unbalanced fights versus "arcade game" with some level of compensating effect for advantaged and disadvantaged machines.


A second question, for historical reference, would be: how (much) did pilots and mechanics fill their tanks?

Was it intended to be full at take off or did they regularly adapt to mission, machine and restrictions?

Thinking of flight time, I suppose most aircrafts would have tended to full load, in principle.

Would a Camel pilot regularly get airborne with maximum fuel capacity?

Of course I long for average numbers, the variables in real world being virtually infinite.


Some servers lock fuel at 50%, others seems to be using the small tanked Fokker Dr1 at 100% as standard to calculate the other's percentage (based on tank volume).

Anecdotally, some players told me that 70% is realistic for most planes, with Eindecker and DH2 being the exception at ~30%.

In JG1's FIF, they suggest 20-30% load for heavy bombers.

I'm very interested in knowing what is the reasoning behind these numbers.

Some I can deduce myself, some I find slightly more obscure, without direct reference.


I surmise that a nearly full load could be the most realistic and the servers locked on 50% ideal for short sorties with a somewhat serious load, admitting that all planes are truthfully represented with the same percentage.

The "Dr1 standard" is very interesting but some noted that it might have widely different effects on most aircrafts, becoming unfair in a new kind of way.


I'm sure I'm missing something in all this but I hope my question helps at least condense most informations in one thread.

I keep reflecting on this subject, finding more clues, answers and going back to confusion.


Many thanks in advance to any contribution.







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