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#1 das_bubba

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Posted 23 February 2021 - 05:47

A few years ago my brother and I had a dedicated server running at my house. It all worked wonderfully. We are back now to play some more. My server (either dedicated or started on our own's PC's via the start server command in ROF) gets started and shows up in the public MP list but no one is able to join. We are able to join already existing public servers in the list so we know we have our firewall ports opened correctly (at least outgoing). We both added port forwarding entries to our routers point o the the machine where dserver was running.



Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to check?





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#2 Arty_Effem

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Posted 23 February 2021 - 20:14

You don't need to configure anything on a machine which will just connect to a server.


To make a server connectable, the router connected to the hosting machine must forward the relevant ports to point to that machine, and any firewall(s) running on that machine must allow DServer.exe or rof.exe (whichever applies) internet access.


The server must be configured to use the correct ip listener address. This ip can be determined by opening a DOS window (type cmd in the start menu) then type ipconfig. Use the ipv4 address shown.  This value must go in the server's cfg file, either edited manually or entered in the Network tab in-game or on the launcher screen.


[KEY = network]



    client_ip = "192.168.x.xx"






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