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Custom skins in Multiplayer ? ( paint your own plane )

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#1 knalp

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Posted 28 August 2020 - 21:57

Make a server system that lets people upload custom skins.


The skins are used in MP .


You create a skin, log into a Server ( custom skins enabled ).

Select your plane, and then select your DIY skin. Fly!


Get flying in the livery of your own devising. ( Red green with gold pinstripes ? )


The system lets other people see your skin.

( This will require a bit of work, host, client etc etc )




Yes I understand the devs won't do anything to RoF now. So what !!!!





The idea of clowning about in MP in your own skin what you made up  

really does create a bit more depth for some players who prefer the

furball and barnstorming to the long drawn out patrols or baby seal clubbing missions.


and it's for the FUN of it.  ( Come on lets have a laugh )


Holy cow, what is a better way to introduce people to making skins ??

Let them create and then show off in MP. !!!!


Just what wild and crazy schemes would people come up with ???


and we will never know at this rate....






PS. You have a great bike, car, bicycle, plane, artwork, object  etc. you made look amazing BUT cannae take it  out  to show it off. Now what would you think of that ??? It be daft !

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#2 Gooseh

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Posted 28 August 2020 - 22:10

The Devs sure missed a trick on the skin front...
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