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so seems oil companies are really colluding

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#1 raaaaid

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Posted 16 June 2020 - 10:56

energy from sea water:




energy from air:


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all right doctor we got a deal i let you finger me and you extend my life


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#2 Zooropa_Fly

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Posted 16 June 2020 - 12:06

Haven't they always ? Is it not a Cartel ?


And did you ever wonder why they're all on board with the 'get rid of fossil fuels' agenda.

Funny that !

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#3 knalp

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Posted 18 June 2020 - 00:55

oooh,  Aluminum Air batteries! Cool!


Dump the lithium mine stocks! Buy back into Aluminum! 


and to think you can make them in your own kitchen/garage/forest shelter... Well heck.


What is the voltage per cell?

I didn't read that far in the things I was reading.... great read though.

Whats the best DIY design and how about the electrolyte chemistry?

( I read something about a "gel" forming which decreases current flow at the end of the battery life....???)


So we could do this back in 1917 right, does that mean we could have lasers on our planes?

OR x-ray tubes! almost a death ray. right.


Which reminds me, when is the "war of the worlds" MOD for RoF launching? I mean COME ON !!!!  

Tripods, artillery, Heat rays, gas bombs, battle ships, mysterious red stuff, microbes, landing spaceships....


The zeppelins probably would not stand a change against the heat rays.


And the tripod ambulation would be tricky to model and they must be difficult to drive over bad terrain.... just saying. 


But heck! Come on! We are ready! and for once humanity can put aside it's petty squabbles and defend, as one,  against the ravaging hordes of mmm.... tentacled monsters from outer space! ( they ignored the quarantine signs...)   


Heck lets throw in the Cthulhu monster as well... strange rituals, under water leviathans.... more zeppelins.... strange islands....   


At the very least we could have player controlled search lights! Come on devs WAKE UP!


Why I bothered to spend money on Box and FC in the blind hope that RoF would get some attention. Daft. Moronic.


I bet you if they put a playable zeppelin in RoF they would make more money ( over time ) from that single item than they have so far from selling FC. Night raids over London ???                 

AND how about small but DETAILED maps of real ww1 points of interest? Instead of HUUUUUUGE maps of which small fractions are used....           



Electric WW1 air craft ! ( are you kidding...) No! Yes! It's the motors that would be terrible.... need really really strong permenant magnets.... and three phase control units. ... vacuum tubes? Relays?


Yes yes I know I have written too much, again,  but come on! ZEPPELINS !!!!


Why you twerps argued for FM changes when we could have had players in blimps etc....



You get to sit in a Blimp and using binox you can scan the skies looking for the enemy.

When you see them you can relay to ground co ords AND fire off flares that indicate when the enemy is.

Holy crud there is soooooo much missing from this "Simulation"..... we have radios! Where is the in game radio channel?

Or even morse code... 


Add one reasonable new thing to RoF and BOOM things would blow up.


An actual update for RoF would probably turn more heads than fiddling with anything in FC. ( imho )


Imagine the headline: Rise of flight has an update!



OK I will stop now. Handbrake! Squeeelllll.... * grinding to halt noise *


We need waaaay more electricity to jump start RoF.

It's not dead but by gum it's starting to sulphate round the gills.


We need to open a new front! Out flank them! Fire the big guns! All together ! Heave!


right I'm off.





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#4 raaaaid

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Posted 30 June 2020 - 08:55

how about do it like the matrix and obtain energy from humans :)






i was wrong on that energy coming from me, i was being an atenna of the energy from the floor


the thing is that if you extend a tinfoil on the floor and connect it to earth nothing happens but if you put a diode in the midle 40 volts are generated, its surface dependant

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all right doctor we got a deal i let you finger me and you extend my life


zen proverbs: the masochist boxer always wins,to be a real boy you need to be brave truthfull and unselfish

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