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Game or track problem. I am not sure .

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#1 Von-Dervare

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Posted 31 March 2020 - 20:09

New Trackir v5 / game issue. Seems to be just one plane the Alb Dva . It has to be something I did in game and flying. 

I was flying in multiplayer , and at a  german base was texting. When I submitted the text my view was close to 90 degrees right, out over my right wing, with ny head straight ahead.

I cold booted my HP Omen win 10, and rest the F12 key to no avail. This one plane still has this view.

I tried several other planes and they do not have this view.

I looked in pilot head views, and do not see anything that looks out of the ordinary. It's like somehow I set this right looking view on purpose .

I have not tested every plane but the Alb D 3 works fine the Dr1 works fine, and a few other planes all work fine.

Did I hit a hotkey somehow and reset the game, or the same question and somehow reset trackir v 5 ?

Trackir seems to be ok. Setting it as normal straight ahead it seems fine. Going to use any plane other than the Alb DVa is fine.

What setting in the game Settings tells the game to use Trackir ?


On edit: Don't be a dummy like me. While I was texting I must have hit F10, and gained a new view. All set now . Duh 

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#2 Lt.Vaughn

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Posted 03 April 2020 - 07:07


 Hi Von-Dervare,


Yes, you unknowingly pressed the in-game Rise of Flight “Save View” button – F10.

If you inadvertently save a view while using Trackir head-tracking, this can cause double confusion. The problem becomes: the view is not aligned where you want it and it changes when you move your head.


Solution: Back to fundamentals.

1. Press the F9 (default key) to pause Trackir.

2. Use the mouse to move your view to where it is close to where you want it.

3. Use the keyboard keys to fine tune your gun-sight view.


            Head Movement Controls

[Insert]       - Forward (zoom in)

[Home]      - Back (zoom out)

[PageUp]   - Up

[PageDn]   - Down

[Del]          - Left

[End]         - Right


Here is a link to Requiem’s YouTube video about how to align gun-sights using the keyboard keys.


4. When you have your gun-sights realigned, press the F12 (default key) to center your Trackir with your new view.

5. Press the F10 key to save the new in-game view.

6. Press the F9 key to un-pause Trackir.


Your Trackir camera and your in-game view are once again in alignment. Yay!!  

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#3 Zooropa_Fly

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Posted 03 April 2020 - 12:48

Hey Von,


Exactly as Jarvis has replied.

Just to point out that you don't have to disable TrackIr to do this.

Anytime you press F10, it'll re-save your center view to wherever you were looking at the time.

So if you can line up the sight using tracking, hitting F10 will work. (A small center deadzone in tracking makes this easier).

You have a seperate 'view centering' function for each plane within the game, which is seperate from centering your tracking.

Obviously the game remembers your center view for each plane so it only has to be set once.

But if you were to change gunsight for example, you'd likely have to re-center your view to be looking down it.


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#4 Von-Dervare

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Posted 07 April 2020 - 19:00

That's Jarvis ? Holy smoke  !!!

I have been wondering where he went !

With any luck I wil find him in training, and get a few tips on Camel. I sort of stumbled my way n a few settings in the curve that made it semi possible to fly that thing.. Err I mean Death Trap ! LOL


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