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Help with OvGME - Where to place mods?

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#1 Porkchopper

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Posted 13 October 2019 - 22:13

I've never really used mods in RoF. I'm currently using OvGME to mod DCS and I'm very familiar with that platform and its file structure. Not a fan of JSGME and prefer to stick with what I already know.


I've downloaded a lot of mods, including the Arras Bloody April mod. I placed it here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\1C-777\Rise of Flight\MODS


I can't really tell if it's working or not though. Is this the correct path to place mods in RoF? Does capitilization of the "MODS" folder make a difference? Should all mods go in this folder?



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#2 Panthercules

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Posted 14 October 2019 - 03:46

Never used OvGME myself - always just used JSGME, so I'm not sure how different they might be.  For JSGME, the MODS folder would go in your main RoF Folder, which seems to be where you have it.  Not sure if all caps matters, though I've always used them for my JSGME mods.


Not sure what might be in the Arras mod you mentioned, or what the best way to tell if it's working might be. You might want to try something simpler and more obvious (like maybe one of my scarf/streamer mods - with those you should be able to tell right away from the menu screens whether the mod has been properly activated or not).


One final point - people here have historically been advising NOT to put RoF where you have it (many reported weird problems with RoF inside either of the typical Windows "Program Files" folders, though such problems clearly don't affect everybody so YMMV) - the most common suggestion is to put it in something like C:\Games.


Hopefully, someone around here is using OvGME and can give you more tailored/specific advice regarding using that with RoF.


Good luck!

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#3 Dutch2

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Posted 18 October 2019 - 09:59

That OvGME does work the same as JSGME. So if you are not put in the right map structure, the mod will get lost in a map where it does not belong. Both software seems to be abandoned by the designers btw.
About JSGME, as from my own experience the JSGME backup methodology, still does leave some leftovers and gets in problem when swapping lots of mods into the game in one order. Who knows because OvGME seems to have another backup method this is corrected. Still think the old style vonTom RB3d Campaign Manager did have the most secure way to handle an gamebackup, but that’s another story.

Now if I still can remember for RoF, you first have to open the coded GTP files in RoF using unGTP tool and you will see the folder structure you have to use or it has been written in the included .txt file. ??????????
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