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which mod would you recommend ?

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#1 Bronnx

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Posted 09 August 2019 - 02:10

I didn't play RoF since 2016 ( if I remember correct )

I installed again and i want to add some mods, but I'm not sure which ones

What would you recommend for better textures, skies, clouds, water, cockpit, etc ??

Thank you in advance

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#2 Panthercules

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Posted 10 August 2019 - 02:23

Welcome back!


I'd suggest that you take a look at some of the mods on my favorite list, here:



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#3 erad1c80r

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Posted 30 November 2019 - 18:01


I see the game version is now 1.037 and that many mods were released earlier on.

I'm guessing some of the earlier mods might be redundant, due to improvements made in the various updates released by the dev team, but I can't find a thread that really clarifies what is still relevant for 1.037.

I see out of all the persons that have been especially active for the game, that you are still on here sometimes.

I'm especially interested in any mods that improve gameplay in some way or another, and to understand exactly what they do.

I'm a game developer myself and so will start comparing modded and stock files etc to get some idea, but any info you might have would be great.

I'm especially interested I guess to hear if the AI Pilots and Gunner mods are still relevant, and which ones to use.

Wish 777 could have done just a bit more with the game and will likely make the jump to Flying Circus over the XMAS break but it's also missing so much that I'd like to see.

Those golden days of MICROPROSE, DYNAMIX and ROWAN SOFTWARE seem so great looking back, as the games had to be a lot more complete IMO, without the ability to patch etc.

Cheers, Jack

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