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Battle Over the Channel - Summer 1918 - Sunday Vintage Mission 28th July

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#1 No.42_Cuban

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Posted 20 July 2019 - 14:34

Summer is here and the heat is on, so join us for a cool day on the beaches of Dunkirk France! Some love the Channel map, some hate it, but regardless this Sunday the map will run. Originally this was a 1917 time frame and plane set. We have modified this one to be set near the war's end in late Summer of 1918. Unrestricted submarine warfare, poison gas, no chivalry!

Each side has the most advanced aircraft available and fight for air supremacy over the English Channel.

***Note on identifying naval targets. Set your gunners to attack ground targets, long range and make a close pass. If they shoot, you've got an enemy. If they don't, please don't bomb your own naval forces! :) ***

This is a standard Sunday VM mission, no mods required.

Bombers Channel - Summer 1918

Date: Late August, 1918

Objectives: Destroy all targets, marked on the map by a RED flag. The side that destroys all targets first will win. Move over the target with the cursor to see a description of the target. Please note that the flag will disappear when the target(s) has been destroyed.

Weather: Wind is moderate (5 m/s), blowing from 045/NE. Scattered cumulus. Cloud base around 2000m. Very light turbulance at lower altitudes.

Good luck gentlemen!
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#2 No.42_Cuban

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Posted 20 July 2019 - 17:04

Please note date change, next Sunday 28 July
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