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If I can run ROF can I run WOFFUE?

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#1 kennel

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Posted 02 April 2019 - 10:54



I run ROF on a HP omen gaming laptop and am happy with the performance

WOFFUE has got my attention and I am wondering if anybody runs this on a basic gaming laptop




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#2 Dutch2

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Posted 02 April 2019 - 18:24

Check the specs on the website http://www.overfland...om/support.html
Be aware, that it all sounds like an old game but it is being heavy upgraded, it does not need the CFS3 disc.
Downside is that this WoFF shell around the old CFS3 engine, brings also an not real being optimized in graphic and CPU game. It is singel core, based on DirectX8, D9 is only a wrapper. So it needs an CPU with a high singlecore performance and a beefy GPU.
Another point and you can read it, it is also prone to strange bugs like, stutters, shutdowns or like I did have after playing this game not for an couple of weeks, then it did not run, so I always have to reinstall it.

But if it running well as on most players, it is an marvelous game, well spent and that for only $30,-
The campaign mode is so good, same as the terrain and the weather.

edit: Right now I’m on VR and not going back to the flatworld, but if they can manage to make a real 3d VR game and not that surrogate VorpX , I’m back to Woff.
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Yep I’m an 2009 Rof pre-order buyer and one of the few that did buy the Sikorsky game.

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