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Would be nice if RoF forums were Google searchable

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#1 =IRFC=mols

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Posted 13 December 2009 - 05:21

I am not sure if it is done intentionally, but it would be beneficial to players as well as Neoqb if the forums were indexed on Google.

I know that especially as I started out, I really wanted to find some information in the forums that I knew probably existed. But it was really tough finding them through the awful database search.

It would be really nice to search this way:

Plus with all that content being published by the community, it will only help riseofflight.com's Google rating, which will in turn help get out the word to new players.
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#2 Butch_Nackley

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Posted 13 December 2009 - 20:56

http://www.google.co...flight f&aqi=g9">http://www.google.co...arch?hl=en … t+f&aqi=g9
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#3 =IRFC=mols

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Posted 14 December 2009 - 07:23


I'm sure you notice the 10 million results aren't from these forums..
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#4 Butch_Nackley

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Posted 14 December 2009 - 16:34

I'm sorry I think I kinda misunderstood you.
I thought you wanted to find more forums, not just the 'official' forums and content therein.
I see what you are saying now, about these forums 'database' being on google, not simply the site.

As for helping to get the word out about RoF, here's something I have done.
If you go to other game sites, you can bring up conversations about flight sims and RoF. I have mentioned it at a number of places, race sim sites, tech sites in the Gaming sections, Bethesda's site, widescreen site, etc. Anywhere I thought maybe someone would have interest. Most places don't mind, as log as you don't 'spam' it. Bringing it peoples attention is another matter and most places welcome this. That can be good to at least maybe catch someones attention that otherwise may not have known about it, or even thought about flight sims much before.

I don't suggest you do it at a site that is in direct competition with RoF, as that would in bad taste, hehe.

We, the RoF community can do a lot to promote the game.
I did this for a online leauge racing series with rFactor, lol
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