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Death Races - here are some mission files to try out

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#1 DagobahDave

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Posted 03 March 2019 - 19:36

I've gone and created a set of three murderous race courses for our favorite air combat sim. Feel free to add these to your server rotation if you think they'd be fun. They are Cooperative Multiplayer missions. Each death race can accommodate 12 pilots. Each race lasts about 5 minutes.




This would be a good place to post feedback or report any bugs you've run into. I hope you give these a spin and let me know what you think.


The death races are designed to be played with very difficult server settings, making engine management a key part of the experience. It is entirely possible to fry your engine if you don't treat them right during the early stages of the race. Practice sessions are available for each death race map, but these are only to give you some practice learning the course -- the weather conditions will be different when the actual death race begins (because I'm evil like that). It might be important to take note of the air temperature at the start of each race!


These are not airtight missions -- they can be broken and exploited easily if you try. But if you follow a gentleman's code (at least until the shooting starts) things should work out okay. Should.


Much gratitude to whomever approved the unlimited construction budget for lighthouses and water towers. (At some point I might replace the lighthouses with more affordable low-altitude balloons.)

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