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Request; New Statistics Entry.

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#1 Butch_Nackley

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Posted 11 December 2009 - 22:57


I guess this is for the Statistics department at NeoQB.

Based on this thread.
I would like to request, for consideration, a new award category within the players Statistics.
Aircraft/Crew Captures.

Currently, our statistics records our defeats based on things like if the player is captured, ditches their plane, friendly planes shot down, etc. These are the players negative aspects and encourages us to be careful. I like that very much. I'm very proud of the fact I haven't killed a single friendly.

While I would have to say that the situation in the thread above is very rare (having an enemy plane ditch at a airfield), it would be nice if it were recorded as a Captured Plane and Crew.
I know that forcing a plane to ditch (a good distance from an airfield) can and does happen fairly frequently. I don't really know how best to record those. Maybe a plane kill, along with captured crew? Maybe just leave it as is?

However, if we look at the example posted, this would be a nice reward to have recorded.
So, I will offer a scenerio, to hopefully explain better what I mean.
Using a two seater for example in Career: I killed the gunner, shot up the plane and forced the pilot to land at (or near) an airfield;
Gunners Killed=1
Guuners Captured=0
Pilots Killed=0
Pilots Captured=1
AI Aircraft Captured=1 (or count as destroyed depending on damage)

Maybe we would only get it if within a certain distance from a town or airfild, (for example 2Km). If it was well away from anything, we couldn't confirm, so nothing?
I'm just throwing out ideas here. Statistics department would be the people to decide all of the technical scoring.

I would suggest this for both Career and Multiplayer.
Once two seaters are in the game as flyable, the strategies crews would have could be interesting and fun.

I would also think, while maybe a medal wasn't given for forcing a plane to land on your friendly base, I would certainly bet they got a really big pat on the back for it.
It would be a nice addition for us too.

I think this could add a nice new and rewarding experience to players. It is something that wouldn't happen very often, I don't believe. Yet, would give a good feeling when a player looks at his record and sees he captured a plane. Give us the opposite affect of seeing our own blunders.

Thank you for reading :)
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#2 =Fifi=

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Posted 12 December 2009 - 02:31

Agree with you Butch, may i add one thing more:
A bonus points (no medal needed :D ), when the pilot land back at home airfield after every single mission…or friendly airfield at least.
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