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Mods on mode... Skins - careers - awards

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#1 Ansirial

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 23:41

This evening after my career with Albatros crashed becuase a faulty mission generation…
I started a new one with DVII.

I was ready prepared skin last evening… I thought if I cannot fly online with my skin, waiting this will be solved I will fly with my own plane at least for myself in an offline career.

Turned on mods and started to fly, after 3 mission I understood something was wrong
I cannot get any award!!!
Tried in mods off and immediately I get one - but I'm without my skin!!!

Now IMHO I think this particular feature of "mods on" or "mods off" mode is completely wrong and has compromised the game, for online player, who cannot regnise themselves, for offline player who cannot anymore enjoy the typical WWI atmosphere (just see few aircraft profiles)

Moreover there are no significant mods at the moment so this option is useful only to enable or disable skins that are no mod…

Hope this will be solved soon or at least let me know how to mod game just to enable having awards in career mode.

Till that moment see you - this is a great simulation, the best I see - but with this limitations is not completely playable.
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#2 musicman

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Posted 11 December 2009 - 00:36

I agree.
I only fly with custom skins and my own quick combat missions so I never even get any points on the leaderboard for that matter.
I'll play my own missions and shoot down 5 planes before my ammo runs out or get shot to s*** and still land on my own side of lines. Do all this and no credit cause it don't reward you for the leaderboard because it's not stock.
I know I could play online and climb the board but I'm not sitting there and waiting my turn for months at a time. LOL! Now we have mods on, off, so I don't have a chance to be famous.
I step down now. Excuse me….
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#3 athlondude

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Posted 11 December 2009 - 04:03

I have to agree, I could understand if they were using mission mods that weren't part of the coe sim but custom skin? Come on folks that makes no sense, I fail to see how a custom skin should be cause for the player not to get rewards. I'm not a fan of that at all, or the new way it currently handles the skins altogether.
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