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Problem with using axis for head zoom

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#1 PandaCheese

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 18:10

I want to bind Pilot Head Zoom to the ministick on the flight stick of my Logitech/Saitek X56 operated by the thumb, but have two very frustrating issues with it:


1. It feels more natural to zoom in when pressing the ministick forward. For some reason though it always defaults to zoom in when pressing back, so I have to invert the axis. Problem is that also inverts the mouse wheel zoom, so it's impossible to have consistent zoom in when pressing the ministick forward and scrolling the mouse wheel forward. They are always opposite.


2. Using a self-centering axis for zoom, like the ministick, seems to overwrite the saved snap view position (Num5). I find the default view way too close, so like to zoom out a little for a wider FOV. But if the Pilot Head Zoom is on the ministick, when the ministick is centered it always goes back to the "built-in" zoom level, no matter what zoom position I have the snap view saved in.


What I want is to be able to zoom in temporarily with the ministick forward, and then return to the zoom level saved with the center snap view when I let go of the ministick. As a unsatisfactory workaround I turned the ministick into directional bands to simulate key presses, but that of course requires me to manually zoom out to return to the default view. I guess I could also try an advanced macro to zoom in when pressed and activate center snap view when released but that seems really convoluted compared to what I assumed would be the sensible behavior.


Appreciate any ideas!

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