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Vintage Mission Sunday Announcement Thread

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#81 No.42_Cuban

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Posted 31 August 2019 - 13:06

1st Sept - 1800GMT - Vintage Mission Sunday - "Hurricane Hunters"



Greetings gentlemen!   This Sunday's VM will feature something a little different.  As some of you know, I live in South Florida, US and we currently are under threat of Hurricane Dorian.  So in honor of this event, we'll be running a "Hurricane Party" style mission.  Intense aerial combat with weather extremes!


Thunderstorms, heavy rain, low clouds, high winds and turbulence, and perhaps even a mountain or two for good measure ;)  Come test your heavy weather piloting and combat skills with us and earn your Hurricane Hunters ribbon!



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#82 Joker_BR

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Posted 04 September 2019 - 20:52

Hope to be present on this one. 
Following the Dorian events on Internet from far away (I live in Brazil). Hope all is well where you are.
Hang on tight!

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#83 Vibetech_BOA

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Posted 08 September 2019 - 15:00

do many people play this anymore?

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#84 J2_Bidu

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Posted 08 September 2019 - 16:37

do many people play this anymore?


The answer is in your hands.

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#85 No.42_Cuban

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Posted 19 September 2019 - 22:29

Greetings all!  Just wanted to update all on the status of the Vintage Mission Sunday server.  With the initial success and building momentum of Flying Circus Vol.I, the original Cuban/J2SteveF Syndicate Server along with our stats page was decommissioned. 


I have reinstated it temporarily on a US based server and have plans to keep running it (minus a stats page) until we at least get an Arras map for Flying Circus.  We will mainly focus on early war maps that give us a plane set different than we currently have in Flying Circus.


Dont worry US103, we'll provide Spad 150's on the early war maps when we can ;)


This is to provide a broader experience for the sim community and to minimize overlap.  Of course we'll still run the occasional Channel Map, as this is exclusive ROF content as well ;)   I hope to run all the favorite maps at least one more time before we consider shutting her down, but of course it all depends on numbers.


I have personally only flown one multiplayer session in the new FC during Jasta 5's great Black Sept. campaign and I must say it was impressive.  I'm very optimistic that once we have a map and perhaps a few more aircraft, this sim genre will experience a rebirth and generate great multiplayer action in the virtual skies once again! I really think great things are just on the horizon for our small community.


Of course at some point, old must give way to new and we'll retire the VM Sunday Missions, perhaps with a grand finale Eagle of Lille Tournament event, courtesy of Jasta99. 


Until then gentlemen we will continue our great Sunday afternoon/evening tradition of great fights, narrow escapes and a little friendly competition, as always.  Thanks to all who have flown and continue to fly on these epic maps, provided so generously by the original Syndicate Squadron of ROF.


J2 SteveF and myself have been pleasantly surprised at the participation and kind words over the last two years and have been honored to host for you all.  Hope to see you all in the air soon, Salute!



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#86 No.42_Cuban

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Posted 09 October 2019 - 01:02

Armistice Day Memorial - Eagle of Lille Tournament - 10th of November 2019 - 1700GMT


Greetings gentlemen! 


It is my great pleasure to invite everyone to commemorate the 101st anniversary of the end of The Great War with the classic Jasta99 designed event, Der Adler von Lille / The Eagle of Lille.  All are invited to join us on the Sunday Vintage Mission Server for a day of early war action high over the trenches. 


The tournament will begin at 1700GMT and concludes with a tally of scores acquired by each side during the event. 




Mission Details:



Targets and Objectives will be displayed on the map for both sides. During the mission targets will be
marked  on the map  if they  were  destroyed. Each  side  will  get  the  same  information  from  the  map,
where to attack and where to defend.  There are no subtitles, objectives can completed in any order.

Airfields will fire green flares when friendly aircraft come near and yellow flares when an enemy
aircraft comes near. Additionally there are several observation points that fire
yellow flares when an enemy aircraft comes near.

There is anti-aircraft artillery deployed near the frontline and at each airfield and target.



There are three observation balloons on each side that have to be destroyed. Each balloon is covered
by anti-aircraft fire. Once a balloon is destroyed, it will remain destroyed for the rest of the mission.
Balloons will fire yellow flares if an enemy plane comes near and fire a red flare when being attacked.
A destroyed observation balloon will be marked on the map by a cross.


There are two trains on each side
commuting between two locations. Trains can be combated by
either a fighter using his machine guns or a 2-Seater using bombs. A destroyed train will be marked
on the map by a cross.

There are three convoys on each side commuting between two locati
ons. Each convoy consists of
five unarmoured vehicles. Convoys can be combated by either a fighter using his machine guns or a
2 Seater using bombs. A destroyed convoy will be marked on the map by a cross.

Photo Reconnaissance Missions

There are two Photo-Reconnaissance missions for each side. These missions can be flown from each
2-Seater aircraft that is carrying a photo camera. There is a minimum altitude of 1500m / 5000ft for a
successful mission. After taking the photos that cover minimum 75% of the Photo-Reconnaissance area the aircraft
have to carry them back to any active friendly airfield. A successful Photo-Reconnaissance mission
will be marked on the map by a cross.

Bombing and Photo Reconnaissance Missions

There  are  two  bridges  and  two  artillery  positions  on  each  side,  which  have  to  be  destroyed  by  a  2-
Seater aircraft carrying bombs. At each artillery position there are two batteries each consisting of four
guns that have to be destroyed completely.


A destroyed bridge or artillery position will be marked on the map by a cross.  After a bridge or an artillery position was destroyed it is subject to an additional Photo-Reconnaissance mission. These missions can be flown from each 2-Seater aircraft that is carrying a photo camera.


There is a minimum altitude of 1500m / 5000ft for a successful mission. After taking five photos of the Photo
 Reconnaissance  area  the  aircraft  have  to  carry  them  back  to any active friendly aerodrome.

This means a maximum of 51 mission points for each side.
Additionally each confirmed kill of an enemy airplane will add one
point to the total score.


A confirmed kill will be  considered as a kill that is stated in the  server statistics. In case, that
server statistics are temporary offline, maybe a kill will not count. This will reflect the fact of several unconfirmed kills of
pilots, like Max Immelmann, during the Great War.


Photo reconnaissance - 2pts each (4 total)

Balloon busting - 2pts each (6 total)

Bridge bombing - 2pts each (4 total)

Photo reconnaissance of destroyed bridge - 3pts each (6 total)

Artillery position bombing - 2pts each (4 total)

Photo reconnaissance of destroyed artillery position - 3pts each (6 total)

Train attack - 3pts each (6 total)

Convoy attack (5 vehicles per Convoy) - 5pts each (15 total)


Fuel loads are unlocked, ***Note: the Airco DH2 fighter and has 3hr 15min of fuel at 100%, so 33% will get you at least an hour of flight time and a good bit more manuverability***

Good luck all pilots and observers!

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