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Thursday Night Fly-in Dec.6 - Armentieres June 1918

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Posted 06 December 2018 - 02:53

Gentlemen, this Thursday Night Fly-In will take us to Armentieres - June 1918


Date: June 26, 1918


Location:  Front lines south of Ypres, Flanders.


Mission objectives: 


Allies: 29 Squadron has orders to bomb German artillery before starting their Offensive Patrol over the lines. 79 Squadon will fly top cover. The DH4's of 25 squadron have as their primary target Lomme airfield and as a secundary target the enemy artillery batteries.


Central: Jasta 7 and 40 are ordered to intercept enemy aircraft crossing the lines as well as to protect their two-seaters. Schlasta 25 is ordered to attack ground targets of opportunity behind the lines.


Intel: This scenario is based on actual events as described by the Jasta 40 Ace Carl Degelow in the book "Black Fokker Leader"





Good luck all pilots and observers S!

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