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i think i figured out where i came from(a fiction)

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#1 raaaaid

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Posted 24 November 2018 - 08:33

after my discovery of mans immortality how can i be so young


well i set a revolver aiming at my head while i invernate bored with immortality in such a way if id didnt rejuvenate 1 month a day or whatever it would kill me


when i was a baby my loyal helper sent me to trust worthy carers my dad and mom and now here im again rediscovering all again and thrilled with life and knowing what ill have to do when i get bored again


hell how old can i be, maybe im even eternal

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all right doctor we got a deal i let you finger me and you extend my life


zen proverbs: the masochist boxer always wins,to be a real boy you need to be brave truthfull and unselfish

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