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How do you edit the frontline in PWCG?

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#1 SvenVanDerPlank

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Posted 13 November 2018 - 22:13

I'm working on making an expansion/mod for the Brusilov and Kerensky Offensives on the eastern front. I've spent the last two weeks researching the various squadrons that are stationed in Galicia (far more than PWCG has by default) and now I want to create the new frontlines on the Tarnopol map.


The controls on "PWCG Edit Front" are confusing me and I'm wondering if someone can help a first time user. PWCG only has the two dates by default for the beginning of 1916 and end of 1917 but I created new folders for the key dates of the Brusilov and Kerensky Offensives and now they show up in PWCG. Is there a way to create new dates from within the application or does that have to be done in File Explorer?


As for editing the frontlines I'm having trouble getting my changes to save. I've tried deleting the frontline and creating one from scratch and also just dragging each individual point to where I wanted it.


What do the controls on the left hand column do (Write, Refresh and Mirror)? I thought my first attempt failed because I hit "Write" and then "Finished." When I reloaded the map everything had reverted. Second attempt I just hit "Finished" and when I went back into "Edit Front" it had saved my changes. I closed the application and went to copy "FrontLines.json" into all the folders I'd created for the new dates but when I reloaded PWCG it had reset the frontlines again.


Where am I going wrong? Is there a guide to this aspect of PWCG anywhere?


Thank you for any advice/help you can offer.

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#2 FliegerEins

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Posted 14 November 2018 - 01:26

I hope that someone who has the knowledge will answer back. We need more mods/maps for the game!

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#3 Dutch2

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Posted 14 November 2018 - 16:30

Dit you read this https://riseofflight...lines-mod-pwcg/
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#4 SvenVanDerPlank

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Posted 14 November 2018 - 17:44

I did see that thank you. It's part of what inspired me to create my own mod and expand on that work.

As far as I can tell that is only one altered frontline which reflects the situation after the Brusilov Offensive had faltered and before the Kerensky Offensive had begun.

Looking at the channel map for example I saw that the frontlines change towards the end of the war and wanted to create something similar for the Tarnopol/Galicia map. I have numerous maps that cover the region dating from the end of 1915 (I'd use this for January 1916 in RoF), throughout June-September 1916 and July-August 1917. Those months are when the big movements happen in this region, it's fairly static before and after each assault.

I'm just struggling with the UI at the moment as any changes I make are reset when I close the application. Is there a tutorial for using this aspect of PWCG anywhere?


For a look at some of the work I've done you can check out this map: https://drive.google...1TT&usp=sharing


Thank you.

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