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Not All My Skins Are Showing Up in PWCG Squadron Skin Assignment

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#1 Odovacer

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Posted 19 September 2018 - 02:48

There are some things I'm not understanding with the handling of skins in PWCG. This is in reference to the EIII skins as that is all I'm dealing with at the moment. I have downloaded the EIII files for PWCG as well as some from the historical packs. I'm not sure if I have all the EIII skins yet, but I have 17 skins in the EIII skins folder. PWCG says I am not missing any EIII skins. The issues that I don't understand are as follows:


1. Even though I have 17 skins in the RoF Skins folder, there are only 8 available skins for use (with Squadron, Non-Squadron, Loose buttons ticked) in the squadron skin assignment for my Jasta 7, January, 1916 campaign. 15 individual skins are showing up in the Analysis list, two have two versions (see point #2 below) for seventeen in total. At first I thought that only the skins showing as "Configured" under the Skin Analysis were the ones available for assignment to pilots, but this is not quite the case. FE3_BOHME is showing as configured but is not in the assignment listing. Two skins, FE3_BUDDECKE and "Udet" are not showing up in the analysis list at all.


Those that are designated as "Ace" and "Squadron" are the ones not showing up. At first I thought it was a date issue, but all skins seem to be tagged to be available from 1 August, 2014 (save one from 15 September, 1915). This is well before my campaign start of 1/1/1916. 


2. Another item I don't understand is that, under configuration analysis, FE3_BERR_V2 skin appears for ACE and SQUADRON and FE3_BOHME skin appears as ACE and CONFIGURED. I.e. the skins are there twice. What is the purpose of this?


3. I've read a lot of posts concerning skins in PWCG and one thing that came up was not being able to assign squadron mates the same livery. I've found that I can do this when I assign skins from the "Loose" category. The skin doesn't disappear from the list when assigned as those from "Squadron" and "Non-Squadron" do. In this case the available skins are FE3_BUDDECKE and Udet, the same two skins that don't show up under the skin configuration analysis.


I'm mostly curious and want to understand the functions and how the skin assignments work. It is in no way undermining my enjoyment of PWCG, thanks Pat!

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#2 Odovacer

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Posted 20 September 2018 - 12:29

Update to Item #3. After testing, it doesn't appear that the "Loose" category shows up in game at all. None of the pilots that have been given either of the two choices show up in the correct skin. Testing ongoing.

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