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A cheap hardware upgrade

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#1 Dutch2

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Posted 17 September 2018 - 16:16

Going to:
65” 8k 250hz Gsync IPS monitor
nVidia RTX 2085tii SLI setup
Mega core 6ghz CPU
164 gb RAM
Intel optane SSD
etc etc.

All great but when become older, your eyes are going the wrong way. So I did buy me from Specsavers a € 19,- computerglasses. I can not play without, after doing all types of upgrade this €19,- is one of the cheapest and best hardware upgrade, I ever did.
So go to your local optician shop and get one of those computer spectacles, it will open you eyes.
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Yep I’m an 2009 Rof pre-order buyer and one of the few that did buy the Sikorsky game.

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