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How to know what graphics card RoF is using?

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Posted 26 August 2018 - 11:41

I get a graphics memory warning when I run on my laptop using the embedded Intel graphics...I don't know how IT shares memory, if it does, with the 16 GB I have. If I jump through hoops to use the 2nd display...RoF won't run there for some reason...I get to use the card with 3 GB, and RoF reports that it is using less than half of that.


So...if I run on the main display, but configure both Windows and the NVIDIA app to use NVIDIA for RoF, how do I know that it actually does?




edit 2018-09-01: Video memory notes: Alienware 17R3, Windows 10 Pro x64
Keywords: Running on 2nd display, using graphics card, ROF video memory complaint.
I still cannot run easily on the 2nd monitor. There are steps that I can take to run there, but they involve closing all my apps, OR rebooting when I am done. Documented in another thread.
I /can/ apparently run on the NVIDIA card, which is usually dedicated to the 2nd display. I marked both Startup and ROF_UE to run using the NVIDIA card, and I then registered those programs with the NVIDIA control panel app. The result is that NVIDIA seems to indicate that ROF is using the card as it runs on the laptop, not on the 2nd display. I do not see a performance hit. Startup no longer complains about too little memory; in fact, it now reports that I am using less than half of available graphics RAM.

The upside is that I can simply run ROF for a few minutes when I get the time. The downside is that it then is not running on a larger display. Another post suggested that I might be able to run on both displays at the same time, for a larger (wider) view, but I have not yer discovered how to do that.

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