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Install RoF on a SSD

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#1 aircastellon

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Posted 04 April 2018 - 03:21



do you recommend to install RoF in a SSD if I play most of the time offline?... I have heard that SSD makes the different if you play online.


Thanks a lot

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#2 FourSpeed

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Posted 04 April 2018 - 04:01

I can't honestly say if it's better or not...  I had RoF installed on the C drive in my prior PC, and I have it on the SSD in this one...


I'm not sure I can actually detect a (meaningful) difference - it has worked great on both for me.


That said, there are other variables that can affect the experience... The key advantage of SSD over HD is read/access speed, but if that stuff is cached at startup or mission load, then it loses significance as a performance metric, and a bigger factor (at flight time) could be your graphics card, or your ISP / Network speeds.   


So, imho, it's not as simple as SSD over HD....  Sure, it can be a factor, and maybe even a significant one, but it's only one of many possible contributors... In general, for a program / game, you run frequently, SSD is usually worth the effort of installing there, but it's by no means a be all or end all, and in many cases, it might not even be noticeable...





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#3 J2_Bidu

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Posted 04 April 2018 - 07:31

No noticeable difference.  :icon_e_sad:


(In comparison, installing lots of skins DOES degrade my performance choosing a plane considerably, later on. I can wait 20 to 30 seconds to chose a plane on a field)


Also, it did not solve my 6 second game freeze that happens every so often, causing horrendous lag.


Windows starts up really fast though.  :)

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#4 J2_SteveF

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Posted 04 April 2018 - 09:01

I recommend SSD, but not for any performance advantage it might give online.
It will load the game and missions quicker, but you'll not see any increase in game performance.
What makes a bigger difference online is pilot skill.
I have top end hardware, but remain average at best.
There are others that play online with hardware lower than mine, but have more ability and hand me my arse online.
I have never found hardware to be the difference between good and excellent fliers. Some will say different, particularly those on lower spec hardware, they always presume better hardware gives you an advantage. But someone on a low spec machine playing at 1024x768 can often be more successful than the player with all bells and whistles. Hardware gives you eye candy/immersion that's all

In fact I think I am a worse vPilot than I was when all I had was a 17" screen and a single twisty joystick.
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#5 aircastellon

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Posted 04 April 2018 - 14:00

Thanks for the asnwers... my problem is with disk space. I use ssd with games like Worl of Tanks or War Thunder when load times are basic cause you play always online
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