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Best 2 seaters for sever ops?

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#1 Harmer

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 05:37

Hi guys and S!


What would be the most popular 2 seater aircraft (both sides) for PR (also maybe arty spotting), since I'm getting the bug to fly crewed missions with a few mates and don't wish to buy all the aircraft that are wireless and photo capable?

Also would this be tied to what the most popular servers allow access to for their missions?

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#2 US103_Furlow

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 06:14

DH4, Breguet 14, and Brisfit are the best allied recon birds, but some maps require the RE8 or Strutter for the recon.  The DFW is probably the best German recon plane.  I'm not sure which allied two seater is most commonly available for recon on wargrounds though.

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#3 US103_Furlow

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 06:30

The Brisfit is probably the least common recon plane on wargrounds.

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#4 BraveSirRobin

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 06:34

just get it over with and buy them all.  you're going to do it anyways.  why wait?

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#5 US103_Baer

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 08:46

Maps online will designate specific planes to be used as Recon. So you'd need early-war and late-war 2 seaters that are commonly assigned as Recon planes to get  reasonable coverage.


For Entente both the Sopwith Strutter and RE8 are used but i think the RE8 covers a broader time span and comes up more often for Recon.

Later war is usually the Breguet or Dh4. Yes a couple of maps also use Bristol Fighter (Winter Cappy) but iirc recon on those isn't worth the trouble!


If it were purely for Recon you'd be well served with the RE8, DH4 and Breguet. The latter 2 are also tough, fast bombers and the Breguet in particular has an excellent bomb load.


The Strutter is a great early-war general purpose type. It carries 8 bombs (i think) and can operate as a maneuverable single or 2 seat fighter.


For Central its either the DFW or Halb CL2. I find the DFW far superior for anything that requires climbing or lifting. Its very common in online missions.


Having said all that BSR makes a good point. If you like 2 seater ops, just pick them all up. Likely to be a Xmas sale soon too.

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#6 US103_Baer

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 09:53

Recon plane assignment on maps i had available to check. I guess the odd one may have changed, but gives an idea


Summer Verdun (RE8+Strutter / DFW)
Spring - Beaucamp (Bristol F2b / Halb CLII 200hp)
Reims Late Planes (DH4 / DFW)
Autumn Reims (RE8 / DFW)
Lille Early Planes (RE8 / Halb CLII)
Metz Bomber (none)
Spring Verdun Late (Breguet / DFW)
Reims Mid Planes (Strutter / Halb CLII 200hp)
Nancy Late Planes (DH4 / DFW)
Winter Cappy (Bristol F2b fII / Halb CLII)
Spring Reims Late (Breguet / DFW)
Carpathian Mid (DH4 / DFW)
Summer Bruay (none)
Summer Foucaucourt (RE8 / DFW)
Lille Late Planes (Breguet / DFW)

Cubans Syndicate Server:

Dawn to Dusk 1917 (RE8 / DFW)
Dawn to Dusk Summer 1918 (RE8 / DFW)
Dawn to Dausk Nieuport 1917 (RE8 / DFW)
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#7 TheBlackFalcon

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 17:39

Best two-seater for dive-bombing is the DH4.  It is also the most durable on the Allied side.  If you are flying for Germany, you can't beat the Halberstadt CII/200hp for dive bombing and accuracy.


The Brisfit is also an excellent bomber but it has an issue with dive-bombing accuracy due to the way the bombs are held under the wings.  They are spread further apart than on the DH4 so beyond the first 4 bombs being dropped you have to adjust your targeting method.


With the Brisfit it drops its bombs in the following fashion; all 4 middle bombs, than one each in a left-right pattern.  This may the same on a DH4 but as I said the spread is different in size.  As a result, to low-level bomb a target once your inner 4 bombs have been dropped requires that you now attack your target with the widest length perpendicular to your attack run...

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Black Falcon

#8 Harmer

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 22:54

Thanks for all your replies.

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