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What is the absolute simplest Control settings with a joystick

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#1 kursk171

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Posted 02 August 2017 - 03:35

I have a good Joystick (Logitech Exteme 3-D Pro), but it has been a LONG time since I have played a flight combat sim (IL-2 Sturmovik was the last about 5 years ago).   I am having a real tough time adapting to the control settings for ROF.  I want a simple flight model (no ailerons, just the axis for the joystick) with simple weapons controls and engine controls until I get back in the swing of things with a flight sim.  The current settings I have with my joystick guarantee that I will crash and burn.  Can someone recommend a very easy joy stick and keyboard set up for a Newbie?


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#2 FourSpeed

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Posted 02 August 2017 - 20:32

I'm not quite sure I'm fully understanding your question... Specifically not using ailerons ??? 


That completely defeats the entire idea of using a joystick in the first place (imho).  You *want* (need) to have, at very least, elevator and ailerons (pitch & roll respectively) handled by your stick.  If you don't have rudder pedals, then you also want rudder (yaw) on the twist axis of your stick. The stick's entire purpose is to handle those primary flight controls for your aircraft. Anything else on the stick varies between "very handy & convenient" to "nice to have", but pitch, roll (& yaw)  are a necessity on the stick.


I use the Extreme 3D Pro as well, and it's an excellent stick for the job (especially considering its low cost).


Here's the basic setup I use:


1> Most (nearly all) of the RoF keys are the normal defaults, right out of the box.

2> The stick controls elevators, ailerons and rudder (with the twist handle)

3> The throttle lever on the stick controls throttle

4> The trigger button fires primary gun(s)

5> The thumb switch is mapped to the Blip Switch

6> The six buttons on the left of the base (3 sets of two) are mapped like so:


   -- the forward pair (furthest from the throttle) are mapped to both:  Mixture:  more / less rich  and  Altitude Throttle: Increase / Decrease  **

   -- the middle pair are mapped to Radiator:  open more / close more

   -- the near pair are (mostly) unused.  For the few planes that have Elevator trim those buttons control:  nose up / nose down  trim.


7> The upper buttons are a little bit different than usual. First, I have head tracking, so I neither need or use the hat switch for views - those are all reassigned.

     Off the top of my head, I think they're mapped like so:

     -- Forward Hat -->  Zoom In

     -- Rearward Hat --> Zoom Out

     -- Rightward Hat -->  Fire alternate gun (pistol, flare, etc.)

     -- Leftward Hat -->  Activate "Voice Attack" Listening mode (these days, I use voice to control nearly all of the commands and buttons so, I rarely use the buttons at all anymore, except VA Listen, TS PTT, and Zoom).  Prior to VA, the Left and Right Hat buttons used to control Map Transparency.


    The two buttons on the top to the left of the hat switch -- the lower one unjams / re-cocks the guns. the top one is unused

    The two buttons on the top to the right of the hat switch -- the lower one is my TeamSpeak PTT switch, and the top one is used to re-center the forward view (to align with head-tracking).


If you don't have head tracking or Voice Control, these mappings won't be as useful for you as they are for me. I'd expect that most folks would use the hat for views in that case.  I know some other folks will map Bombs to a button and / or other stuff.


Hope that helps.




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** The Mixture buttons can be double mapped to control Altitude Throttle as well because neither of the planes that have a controllable Altitude Throttle (Fokker DVIIF & Pfalz DXII) have controllable mixture, so in actual practice the two mappings never conflict.

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#3 Arty_Effem

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Posted 02 August 2017 - 21:15

I think the simplest solution is to de-sensitise the main controls around the central point, by applying the default S curve. That should be sufficient but if not you can re-shape the curves to your needs. Options/Responses.

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