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For off line single players

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#1 JG1_Butzzell

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Posted 29 June 2017 - 19:00

S! All



Many years past, I started working on a campaign for Jasta 11. Well, 777 did the "Du doch nicht" campaign and I put my effort hold.


Recently I took a few of them and modified them for multi player so JG1 could use them on practice nights. After doing this, I realized that they still might be acceptable for off line play. I went through a mission and cleaned it up as well as adding some new features.


The mission description:


 30, March,1917.


Jasta 11 is stationed at La Brayelle.


By the end of 1916 the "Fokker Scourge" is over. The French designed Nieuport 11 and 17 had given the Entente forces air superiority. Soon the Nieuports will be joined by the SPAD 7s, the Sopwith 'Pup" and the Sopwith triplane. The only significant reply from the Central Powers comes late 1916 in the form of the Halberstadt D.II and the Albatros D.I and D.II. The Halberstadt is an older design with an all flying tail and only one machine gun. The Albatros designs are not as maneuverable as the nimble Nieuport but they carry two machine guns. In January 1917 the Albatros company delivers a plane to counter the Nieuport 17. The Albatross D.III  is a sesquiplane design similar to the Nieuport. While not identical the planes are very competitive. The advantage lies with the two machine guns of the Albatros.


The pilots of Jasta 11 have been learning to fly the Albatros D.III since late January. Their commander, Manfred Von Richthofen has been teaching them tactics he leared from the commander of Jasta 2, Hauptmann Oswald Boelcke. They are ready to show what the Albatros D.III is capable of in the hands of well trained pilots.


This is the morning patrol for Jasta 11. On this day, planes of Jasta 11 encountered six Nieuport 17 aircraft flown by No. 60 Squadron between Gavrelle and Fresnoy*. Jasta 11 was higher, at close to 3500 m  and used the clouds to their advantage as they engaged the British planes. Ltn. Kurt Wolff was credited with one victory when he shot down a Nieuport 17 flown by Ltn. William P. Garnett. This was the fourth victory for Ltn. Wolff.


Also flying a Nieuport in this engagement was William Bishop who would go on to be the highest scoring Canadian/British ace of the war.


You must return to La Brayelle to complete the mission.


* I think Fresnoy is an error in translation or identification and should be Fresnes which is close to Gavrelle.


The mission can be done with as many helpers as you want or none at all. You will need subtitles turned on.The way points have the proper altitude in their names so that navigation icons can be off. The pathway is the basis for the scripting. You need to hit the way points to activate features. There is a lot of replayability built in. The location and type of enemy and friendly planes is random. While the primary goal is the one in the mission description, there are other encounters available.  You do not have to engage every enemy that you find or finds you. The secondary objectives  are not just killing enemy planes. They may involve rescuing a friendly plane. If the friendly crashes, the secondary is failed. You may have to stop bombers from hitting a target. There is a lot that is available. You will need to use your ammo very sparingly. Do not try and kill every enemy plane. Rely on your teammates. You need at least 3 wingmen for the main battle. Keeping them alive to get to the main battle is very important. 


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Unzip into RoF/data/missions     When you start game and go to missions, It will be "Jasta 11 morning patrol camp."  You should see the description the same as above in this post. Sorry all subtitles are in English.


Attached File  Morning patrol.zip   71.84KB   41 downloads

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#2 Panthercules

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Posted 29 June 2017 - 21:42

Cool - thanks!


Good to see the SP folks getting some love :)

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