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Not enough equipment?

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#1 kkang2828

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 09:51

Hello guys.


I started playing RoF about a month ago.(As you might have noticed from my various forum posts).


And I've seen a lot of people talking about all the essential hardware needed to play the game. I've got a joystick of course, but I have no gaming PC, no pedal, and no head-tracking device. In fact, my joystick is a Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas X(which is not a high-end one) and my PC is below average even for a household PC(The CPU is an AMD A8-6500T APU I think. If you look it up on the CPU charts, you'll know what I'm talking about). I'm surprised that I can even run the game smoothly(on very low graphic settings of course). And I'll bet there's more essential hardware that I don't know about(please tell me below).


I'm a kid, so I don't have the money to buy all this hardware. I'll list the questions below.


1. Is all this equipment really necessary?(I mean, in order to play the game on even footing with other players)


2. Changing my PC is not an option, at least in the short-term. What are the consequences of running the game on a low-end PC and what can I do to compensate     for it?(I know about "bullet lag")


3. How much do you think all this(a high-end CPU, decent set of rudder pedals, webcam+IR LEDs for FreeTrack, etc.) would cost?

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#2 Pirato

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 14:02

I've seen very good virtual Pilots with only a cheap Joystick blowing most others out of the sky. I think its all about finding a good combination of using the Stick to control the plane with a proper response curve setting and the Keyboard for the views,like Snapviews etc.


With low end PC you have to accept the low Graphicsettings and propably the lower FPS. I don't know if you intend to fly at online Servers. Nothing speaks against it, but most likely you will be at disadvantage in spotting distant aircraft and because of the lower Screen resolution  ,the overall Situational awarness will not be that great either.


My guess a midrange System will cost you around 800-1000 Euros,maybe a bit cheaper.It's not just the CPU you should think about,also Graphiccard,RAM, Mainboard and a Power Supply Unit (PSU),thats why I advice against just upgrading your CPU,if possible at all. You don't need a top of the line PC to enjoy Rise of Flight. You could check the recomended Hardware for RoF and build a PC around that.

I don't use Freetrack myself,I've read a Camera costs like 50 Euro,maybe 30 Euro depending on the Camera. Some are better suited than others. You could hunt for used CH Pedals on Ebay. CH makes reliable Hardware, they may be not perfect but still a better bang for the buck than the more recent pedals from Thrustmaster.

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#3 Panthercules

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 17:17

Here's the order in which I obtained my current set of gear, and it's probably still the order in which I would prioritize them if I had to start over again or was recommending to a new player what things to get first.


1.  Decent joystick - doesn't have to be one of the really expensive ones, but probably not a $10 cheapie either.  I've been using a Logitech Force3D Pro for years (the FFB is noce, but not essential - the FFB version of this stick seems to be running about $50 on eBay now, but the non-FFB version seems to be more like $20-25) - other decent sticks I've tried in the past seem to also run in the $20-30 range.  Be sure to get one with a twist-handle rudder control, unless you're ready to spring for pedals as noted below.


2. Head tracking - I'm using the TrackIR I bought years ago, and love it, but it's kinda pricey.  There are cheaper DIY solutions that some people have been able to get working happily for much less.  Very helpful with both the feeling of immersion/flying and with increasing your situational awareness.  Another option I used very happily before buying my TIR was a simple, large-ball Logitech trackball mouse - currently about $20 on eBay. Not as good as TIR/head tracking, but much better/easier than trying to use a hat switch and/or snap view keys, IMHO.


3.  Rudder pedals.  A twist-stick function on your joystick works OK, for a while at least, and I held off buying pedals for quite a while.  I did start using some old racing pedals I already had, and that was pretty cool for a while, but the pedal motion is wrong (for flying) and I finally bit the bullet and bought some Saitek pedals.  Prices on these seem to be all over the place on eBay at the moment, but they're all pretty pricey compared to what I paid for mine a few years ago.  Nice to have, but probably not cost effective at this point, especially if you still have needs to upgrade parts/all of your PC.


4.  Throttle quadrant.  Nice to have, and only about $65 on eBay, but nothing you really need.  I've definitely enjoyed mine and would recommend it to anyone who has the cash to spare, but I'd still have to rank it pretty low on the priority scale. 

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#4 FourSpeed

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 17:41

I'd agree with Panther's selection and order.


The only thing _I_ think you *need* is a semi-decent joystick with twist... I use a Logitech Extreme 3D, and it works just fine, and it's a pretty inexpensive choice.


There are several very good pilots that don't use anything more than that to succeed.  Some use snap views to look around, some use the mouse, some rely on padlock view (be advised that usually won't work in "expert mode" servers), and some just use the coolie hat on their joystick...


For me, the next most useful thing has been (by far) head-tracking.  Mine is home-built and uses FreeTrack.  If you're on a tight budget, that's what I'd recommend. I'm told that the commercial TrackIR is excellent (if it fits into your budget). These days, I simply won't fly without head-tracking, whether it be in RoF, FSX, DCS,  Falcon-BMS, or any other flight sim.


A long time ago (way before RoF), I had rudder pedals, but I got rid of them. The problem is that if you've spent any RL time in airplanes, the rudder pedals for PC's don't "feel right" comparatively. When I was doing RL flight training, I found them more irritating than helpful, so I chucked 'em and have never regretted it or missed them since. If you're not a RL pilot (and don't plan to be), you won't notice that effect at all, and a lot of folks think they're helpful.  Are they needed? No. Can they be helpful? Possibly.


Anything after that is completely optional (imho), but may be useful or helpful, or just fun.  I know some folks that use Voice Control rather than the keyboard for supplemental things, some have multiple monitors, some folks have add-ons with extra buttons and control levers, and a few have a full-blown sim-pit.  None of these things are required, but depending on your sense of fun and immersion, and your budget, they might be useful add-ons down the road...




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#5 kkang2828

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 14:16

Thanks. Then I'll just stick to my reliable but cheap Thrustmaster joystick. And I'll get freetrack as soon as I can. Check out another of my posts below.



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#6 FourSpeed

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 18:01

Thanks. Then I'll just stick to my reliable but cheap Thrustmaster joystick. And I'll get freetrack as soon as I can. Check out another of my posts below.




Yes, I posted in it the other day...  ;)



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