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Cockpit interior damage? Psychotic-Tendencies

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#1 psychotic-tend.

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Posted 05 December 2009 - 00:25

I would really love to see some interior damage such as pedal damage, bullet holes through interior( I see it on the outside, but why not the inside?), and how about damaging windscreen with bullet holes or shattering it and increasing wind noise, along with gauges being damaged as well. If your pilot can get hit, I cetainly believe your interior must have some damage as well, maybe if your pilot gets hit a little bit of blood splatter around cockpit and dash. Would anyone like any of this?
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#2 SSA-Supra2JZ

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Posted 05 December 2009 - 00:32

While this would be cool, I think it would be best left till later. Neoqb are busy fixing enough things as is.
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#3 Finkeren

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Posted 07 December 2009 - 00:42

I would actually prefer not to have any modelling of cockpit damage unless it is very well done and realistically implemented. In almost any other game I've ever come across cockpit damage seems gimmicky and ridiculously overdone. Even in my favourite game, IL2, cockpit damage is often so extensive, with half the instruments shot away and multiple holes in the canopy glass, that is seems to indicate that the cockpit has been hit with a full burst of LMG fire, yet somehow the pilot has escaped without a scratch!

Even holes in the windscreen seems like a bad idea. The windscreen makes up an extremely small portion of the entire plane, and it seems that hits to the windscreen will happen very, very rarely if it is implemented realistically - and even then the bullet will most often have passed through the pilots head at the same time making the eye candy pretty meaningless.

What I WOULD like to see, however, is realistic implementation of oil leaks, leaking radiator fluid and fuel leaks. All of these were quite common and had obvious visual results, that would have a real impact on gameplay. If your windscreen suddenly became smudged with motor oil, if a fuel leak threatened to turn your plane into a flying torch or if you were suddenly scalded by a sudden burst of boiling water from a punctured cooling system, that would be both important to gameplay and a huge boost to realism.

And now we are on the topic: it would be mighty cool if a fire could spread to the highly flammable canvas and engulf the entire aircraft and not just kill the pilot within 5 seconds.

Even further out into the future it would be nice if they could model in more detail the tearing and shredding of canvas and snappping of supporting wires that might flap around in the trailing wind obstructing airflow and affecting the structural integrity of the plane - but here I'm just dreaming.

Cockpit damage would be cool if, and only if, it was implemented in a realistic manner, otherwise it would just a be cheap gimmick, and as such it is very low on my wishlist.
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