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Throttle trouble

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#1 Sotka94

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Posted 08 April 2017 - 14:33

Hi everyone!


Lately I've been having trouble with my throttle controls. I can't seem to be able to take off at times without autopilot, the engine works but even when I set the throttle to full my plane refuses to move forward. Also, sometimes and semmingly randomly my plane enters this odd, unrecoverable loss of speed which leads to a forced landing.  :icon_e_deadman:  I've had this mid-flight trouble in Sopwith Pup, R.E.8 and Nieuport 11 (The Nieuport worked fine until I hit the blip switch, and only for a second), and take-off problems with nearly all planes I've flown, including Albatros D.III and Fokker DVII.


One time my Sopwith Pup could only stay in air as long as I kept it on autopilot. I turned the simple gauges on and saw that whenever I turned off the autopilot, my RPMs plummeted even though my throttle was at max capacity. The problem finally, and mysteriously, disappeared after an extended time of stable flight (the trouble having started right after takeoff)


So, I'm a bit clueless on what's causing this malfunction and how to fix it. I'd be grateful for any advice.


Oh, and I'm flying with automatic mixture and radiator, and mostly (but not always) on easy piloting.


Best wishes from a derpy 20-minuter :icon_e_salute:

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#2 Panthercules

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Posted 08 April 2017 - 16:41

Have you tried (1) checking in Windows devices to make sure that your joystick is properly calibrated and that it's seeing your throttle control as fully functional, and/or (2) checking in the game's controls settings screens to see that RoF is recognizing your throttle control, that it's properly assigned to the engine throttle command, and that it shows your throttle control moving properly across its full range and isn't inverted or something weird?  None of that might explain weird/intermiitent in-flight hiccups, but at least you'd rule out some possible issues that way.

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#3 Sotka94

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Posted 08 April 2017 - 19:11

I'll try and see, thank you for the advice :icon_e_smile:

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