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Idea for a massive ROF event

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#1 flight23

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Posted 28 January 2017 - 15:58

I had an idea for a really great event for the ROF community to enjoy, a huge mission with proper objectives that lasts a week. The first few days will involve allied planes photographing German trench lines, which will allow a battery to fire with 50% accuracy(not sure if you can tweak the accuracy on guns, this is a major requirement for my idea to work) on the spotted dugout or arti position. The idea is that the allies must spot and destroy German positions by bombing or recon(i.e, they can bomb and enemy position, or photograph it and land at a friendly airbase, an artillery battery will then fire at it and destroy it). When the batteries are not being used on a fire mission, they should randomly bombard German lines(not to destroy specific positions, but to kill and stun any enemy troops moving along the trenches, as was done historically). The allied fighters will also have to destroy 20-30 German balloons along the front, which will stop the allied advance with accurate fire from German artillery positions if not shot down(again, not sure if this is possible, basically, if the balloons and downed, the chances of the German guns hitting an allied tank will be massively reduced, from 50% to 1% for example). Then, after this period, the allied attack will start, with hundreds of St. Charmonds advancing(lets make it a French offensive, even though I am British, because we rarely see the French units ingame) and fighting with the surviving dugouts, field guns and machine guns, before overruning the German artillery(if the attack is a success). The final days will be the French continuing to advance, while German trains arrive and spawn new field gun positions around towns and other rearline objectives to stop the offensive. The allied team wins if they can breach no mans land and shift it closer to Berlin, the Germans win if their defense holds(not because the ground is important to them but because a breakthrough would mean massive losses for them, and more dead in the necessary counter-attacks. The German side would get Albatros 3 and 5, Plafzes as well as the DFW CV and Halby as 2 seaters, to bomb the allied artillery positions and advancing tanks. Maybe on the last few days, the German team gets 200 Fokker Dr1s(a flying circus arriving). The allied team should have Spad 13s and Niewport 28s, as well as Breguets as a 2 seater(split into French and American airfields). The AA on both sides of the lines should be extremely heavy(dozens of expert or ace AA pieces) and should be taken out using teamwork or sheer luck.
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#2 =HillBilly=

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Posted 28 January 2017 - 16:36


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     So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


#3 Plank

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Posted 29 January 2017 - 07:51

Paragraphs as well?




S! P.

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Captured again!


#4 flight23

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Posted 31 January 2017 - 03:53

I have a week long school holiday in 5 weeks time, I can try to make this.
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