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The basic mission: a plane and a train. For utter novices, like me.

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#1 Plank

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Posted 22 January 2017 - 11:13

Now I have looked at a few guides and well, it's lovely weather out today...


WARNING! : it's a work in progress. Will update as I proceed.




Create a single player mission on a map with nothing, except a plane and a train. ( for you to blow up.)


I want you the learner to be able to create your mission, name it , put stuff in it, save it and then actually play it. 


Not frills, the simplest of things. no logic no fancy stuff.




1 Open editor.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\1C-777\Rise of Flight\bin_editor\release\ROFEditor.exe"


2 Click "new". Stuff will happen. Wait a bit.


Now we need to do some stuff before we save our file:


3 Edit mission properties box.


Look for a floating box called "mission properties"

Or Right click on the main window and select "properties."

Or Left click on text "my misson" in the pane that has it. ( the "mission tree" pane.)


Great now fill out the details in that box and the "mission atmosphere option"


Just like in my picture.


you will note that in the mission properties box their is an "apply" button.


Before you press this to apply your "landscape info" you need to think of a name

for your mission as it will ask for one as this in going to save the entire mission.

( you only need to "apply" when you change your "landscape info", which you will do...)


--->>> There are two "name"  in this editor to be wary of,

1) actual mission file name.

2) mission name in "name" in mission properties box.

I would keep them the same to avoid confusion.


press apply and name your mission.( this is a sort of auto save. if you have not already saved your file...)


Attached File  001edit.jpg   485.16KB   2 downloads



right, up next: place an actual thing on the map. ...



ok. mouse over the main pane.


Hold left mouse button and move mouse = look around

Hold right mouse button and move mouse = slide left right fwd back

scroll = up down



Right click and select "Ortho view".  ( birds eye view)


now look at the "objects library" window.

click on planes ( list is bellow. )

Select a plane. ( click once on it )

mouse over the to the map.

Left click on map. ( you placed a plane. )


Try to avoid placing your plane in a forest.


a box pops up "plane properties".

Click the button "create linked entry"

Right click on the plane and select "advanced properties".


fill in like mine. then OK.  then SAVE.


Attached File  002.jpg   412.34KB   2 downloads



Now to add a Train.


so the same thing but choose a train. ( wink.)


Attached File  003.jpg   432.02KB   0 downloads


-->>> The step 4 in our process we "create a linked entry" obviously it is already

created in the picture! So do not be confused. : )


Erm, the train seems to glue itself onto the nearest train track. neat.



Save save save.


The mission works. I could upload it but I cannot find a file host which works without the normal crap... ideas?


oh and flags are cool. try putting some next to the train...


Must dash.





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Captured again!


#2 =HillBilly=

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Posted 22 January 2017 - 15:46



The mission works. I could upload it but I cannot find a file host which works without the normal crap... ideas?

Plank just place the mission in a folder on the desk-top,then zip-it. Now just like posting a picture,(the Attach Files/ Chose Files) select the zip file from the folder. 

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     So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


#3 JG1_Butzzell

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Posted 22 January 2017 - 18:12

S! Plank


Missions can be very simple but have some good features. One of the features of single player missions is the victory or failure page after the mission is ended. The info there about primary and secondary missions is very easy to put in.  This is a brief explanation picture of the mission. Just take off, kill the train engine and return to your home airfield.  Unzip the attached file into your RoF/ Data/ Missions folder.



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Attached File  plank train.zip   15.56KB   13 downloads


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