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More freetrack stuff. ( I'm committed to 3P now... 4DOF.)

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 00:53

Dear chaps,


I noticed my hand crafted "hat clip" gathering dust in the corner so I decided to maybe have a tinker with it.


kind of glad I did.


something happened while faffing with it that made it bearable..

Possible changing the camera frame size back to large and the reduced frame rate.


here are some pics of my current FT profile.




I don't use roll or Z. ( hence 4dof ) and I bind PITCH  and Y to the same input.

( as I did in 1p/2DOF this makes it much easier on my neck, no hunching down etc..)

Roll and Z just seem to confuse the issue, especially when you have no time to locate yourself in space.


I use scroll lock to centre and Pause break to toggle TIR out put.

( for centering my head in the cockpit with tracking off)


May set up a button to toggle YAW off and on, as I have a tendency to lean in dog fights and end up stuck on one side of the cockpit.


So far it seems to be working. No adverse reaction. yey!


Takes a while to get used to the different feeling but I might be sticking with it.


Um, I have a IR band pass filter on the PS3 camera and IR band cut removed.

I did file my LED's down flat. That works fine.

My "hat clip" has the R Led right over the centre of my head.

If I look left or right it does not translate left or right it just rotates. ( this I think is a very good idea. )


Actually I stuck everything on a "head band" and don't use a hat... 


ok pics of FT set up.




Attached File  01.jpg   109.55KB   1 downloads


Attached File  02.jpg   93.58KB   1 downloads


Attached File  03.jpg   81.49KB   1 downloads


Attached File  04.jpg   86.94KB   1 downloads


Attached File  05.jpg   51.08KB   1 downloads


Attached File  06.jpg   70.69KB   1 downloads


Attached File  07.jpg   85.41KB   1 downloads




I would be happy to answer any questions.


I power my Led's off an very small PSU and the cable dangling balances the headphone cable dangling on the other side. :)


I did set a large deadzone for the YAW to stop myself from yawing too much in combat, see bit about a YAW toggle button.


Looking over the side of the plane is good!





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Captured again!


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