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Dear Dev's. Can we please fix the guns on the Se5a AND the N17. Thanks!

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#1 Plank

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Posted 18 October 2016 - 12:32

Revisiting old issues.


Because it annoys me and I find it vexing that something so obvious can be so not fixed.


N17 GBR lewis gun. Tsk tsk. My  Riggers were drunk, again, doing this. Can't hit a blinking thing now.


Attached File  N17 lewis yet again.jpg   239.33KB   1 downloads


Attached File  N17 what we have.jpg   435.18KB   0 downloads


Attached File  N17 Lewis aiming issue.jpg   351.34KB   1 downloads


and the darling Se5a...


Attached File  se5a gun inclination revisited.jpg   382.19KB   0 downloads


Attached File  se5a gun inclination revisited 02.jpg   383.67KB   0 downloads


Now I know I have posted all this before, but nothing has been fixed, and I know the dev's a busy fiddling with their new game, but like I said, nothing has been fixed.


Both the N17 GBR and the Se5a, suffer from having to nose up to shoot properly.


The obvious advantages of having the guns point up was clearly lost on the Dev's. Shame really.


The obviously odd thing on the N17 is that the Lewis it sports actually has a sight that looks like it might

be ok but you can't blinking use unless you inclinate the gun. Then it's great, but only under something unaware of you or,

in a really good turn fight.

Which can be tricky to pull off and fly at the same time.... but it's great shooting from way back across the circle...


It's obvious where the N17 Lewis gun is supposed to fire. It's less obvious with the Se5a,

but if you try hard you will finally see the light.

Ah, they say, I see what you mean. hmm. Not good is it?



The lewis shooting down ruins my N17 GBR experience every time I squeeze of a brace of .303.

It's like a sports car with three wheels. and not a Morgan.


and the reason why I am posting this slightly rant message here, is that I kind of look at this as "assisting the developer".


if that is indeed what "developer assistance" is all about.


If anyone needs a lecture on how guns work I will be only to glad to give you a short one.

It's not terribly complicated.

and there are billions of them on You_bet_u in case you don't trust me. ( It's the brandy you see..)




The flap was thrown open and the shouty one stepped into the gloom, ducking his head under the beams.


There in the glow of the petrol lamp sat an unkempt chap smoking a cigarette and warming an white enamelled tin mug with both hands.


"Oh god, it's you. " Said plank looking up. and swilled his cup a slight amount reflectively.


"Ah, so here you are hiding away in your little muddy hell." Said the shouty one, and looked at the mud caked over his boots.


"I'm not going back up. I'm done in. It's my nerves. Shot to hell I say." Plank looked at the lamp and it flickered a smidgen.

He sat up sharply and drained his cup.


"and for heavens sake shouty, don't just stand there, you make me nervous standing like that, pull up a chair for gods sake."

Plank then fished around in a satchel and found his second to last bottle.


"Brandy?" he smiled and magically appeared a second white tin mug on the card table.


"Look, Plank,  old chap, you are possibly on a charge and the top man is very keen to have a word with you. Very keen indeed."


Shouty found a petrol tin with a sack and perched on it.

He also put his webley back in his jacket pocket. and opened his ciggarette case next to the two mugs.


"Have a cigarette old man, we are taking you back to the field. Whether you like it or not."

He found his lighter and flicked it open, a tiny flame sprung out as he leaned forward to light planks cigarette then his own.


"We have new orders." He remarked. like a slowly closing coffin.


"It's serious." He blew out a cloud of bitter grey smoke.


Plank poured out two drinks and took a deep puff on his cigarette. 


"Oh really? and it's safer than this, this hell hole?" He spoke with smoke pouring out of his nostrils. He was in a bit of a state.


They paused for a bit, and listened.


Far away a creeping barrage was mincing it's way though the wire. Men were being rent asunder. All in a rage of shell splinters and flying clods of mud.


Then there was a terrifying  booming and the ground trembled in waves.


"Yes, well it's not exactly safe here is it? and you have to go back up. You know that. We all do. "

Shouty stubbed his half smoked cigarette out and drank his mug of brandy quickly.


The shell fell though the doorway to the hole with an almost comical slapping sound.

It was one of ours, landing incredibly short, probably a bad charge or just not enough.


Plank looked at shouty, who was white as a sheet.


"I think you might have a good point there." He reached over the table and hooked his flying jacket off a nail and then stood up.


"Right oh, let's go up and have a look shall we? better than getting blown to bits down here. "


He was careful to sidle around the shell. Which was sizzling in the mud.


"Come on shouty, trot trot, and do mind the shell... " Plank disappeared up Bradford park row passing grey soldiers covered in mud.


S! P.

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Captured again!


#2 J2_Trupobaw

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Posted 18 October 2016 - 13:05

The devs have answered this one before either of us joined these forums; "can't be done, sorry". Since the subject was done to death already and there is no answer in sight (nor was one back when RoF was in active development), I'm closing this one.

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