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Slight joystick dilemma. (Quite annoying.)

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#1 Plank

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Posted 07 October 2016 - 07:16

So I have a joystick.

Have used it for years. 

all mapped just the way I like it. 


Then I add a second stick. ( As a throttle and more buttons...)


and now...


RoF prefers the new one and has remapped everything to that.


why is this?


The old stick ( the one I want to use with all my mapped controls.)


Is control 1 and the new one is control 0.


all controls have now been taken over by control 0.


to use old stick I have to remap everything.


This is VEXING to say the least.


I did not map the new stick it mapped itself.


Can some explain WHY this is so and HOW the blinking heck do I fix it without

having to change everything @#$%^$%@#!@ thing.


Is there some .CFG file thing I can edit....?


this makes no sense to me.


and why is the new controller 0 and the old one 1 ???


I am now cross. and may sulk a bit.







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Captured again!


#2 Pioniere719

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Posted 07 October 2016 - 14:50

Hi Plank,


I had a bookmark related to this type of thing. It's old and related to the IL2 series, but perhaps it can give you an idea of what's going on, then lead you to find solutions. I also believe I had a bookmark that included a small program that allows you to redo your controller priority, but unfortunately can't find it at the moment. If I do, I'll post it.




As an aside, does this happen even if you plug in the devices in order of preference?





EDIT #1:

In my searches, I found this little program that allows one to remap joysticks. I'm not sure if it will help, but I'm posting it anyways in the event it interests you. It is actually written by the guy who wrote that thread above.




Here's an older post on these forums related to this issue: http://riseofflight....ity#entry516079



EDIT #2:

The other thing you could do is open up input.actions for editing (after backing it up first), then do a find and replace for all iterations of joy0, which was probably the one assigned to your original device, and replace them with joy1, which is probably assigned to your original device now. As the new device most likely doesn't have any assignments yet, you won't need to do anything with it, but any new assignments made in-game will set those to joy0. What do you think? Doable?


Or you can take a deep breath, go through the settings in-game, and reassign them fresh. A bit of a pain, but you only need to do it once.



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#3 Plank

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Posted 07 October 2016 - 21:25



I see.


Thank you for your excellent information.


I use a 3D pro controller for my stick and rudder and added a second controller which alphabetically precedes it....


so it's now top controller and the 3D pro comes second.... how blinking stupid.


I am checking the software, it looks like it will fix the problem.


Thank you again!





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Captured again!


#4 Pioniere719

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Posted 08 October 2016 - 14:34

You're welcome, Plank! Hopefully it helps or at least steers you in the right direction.


Sorted alphabetically! Go figure! Now if we can only hack the device names so that we can edit them in order to sort them any way we'd like.


Pioniere719 :icon_e_salute:

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#5 J5_Spyboy

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Posted 08 October 2016 - 16:55

Steers you in the right direction.....lol
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#6 Pioniere719

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Posted 08 October 2016 - 18:01

Jeez man! I didn't even intend that. Good catch! :D

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#7 O_Rod

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Posted 15 October 2016 - 00:34

Very interesting and I hope it all worked cause I am going to try it with my G940 and 3 Saitek, oops, Madkatz, oops, Logitech throttle quadrants which sometimes go astray.
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