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Keyboard Commands List

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#1 Chevelle

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Posted 11 September 2016 - 12:03

I come and go with ROF.  Don't get me wrong.  I think it is great but my time with it goes in spurts and when I get back to it I have to re-familiarize myself with quite a bit, some of even the basic stuff.


One thing that has always bugged me about keyboard maps is that it is designed for the wrong purpose.  I don't care what each key does.  I care what the key is for the function I am looking for.  For example, I don't look at the map to find out what the B key does.  I want to know how to drop a bomb.


So I made up a keyboard list from information I got from the original map that came with my Iron Cross package and a keyboard map I got from this forum.  It is grouped by function, not key location.  At least for me, it is a better resource to have when I am trying to do something when in the sim.


I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions on improvements.


I'd also like to know if there is a single comprehensive reference on the all of the keyboard functions.  What the heck is Spectator (F11) and TV (F12)? I haven't seen any reference to half the other stuff except for the keyboard map I found.  Where is all of that explained?


Thanks very much.

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#2 fredewahl

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Posted 14 September 2016 - 15:27

Thanks Chevelle,
I do like your Keyboards Commands sheet !

I notice my PC keyboard also has a <Windows> key and it does seem to
do some control of ROF for instance: HideHUD key_LWIN+key_H .

Are there any updates to your sheet that covers these ?
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#3 Chevelle

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Posted 14 September 2016 - 15:45

I can't seem to find a definitive source for all the keyboard commands.  The chart that came with my Iron Cross version is very incomplete.  This site has another map with more but I have found that my game doesn't respond exactly as the map says it should.  Now you have some additional information.


I'd love to put together a complete list but I'll need the correct keyboard maps to do it.

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#4 mfgold

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Posted 08 December 2016 - 03:00

I am a newby and I truly appreciate this keyboard PDF....this is how I have learned similar sims in the past.  Are there any current updates to this command sheet?  Would it be worthwhile circulating one or more of the other forums to get additional feedback?  Thanks for your reply.....

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#5 chazcon

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Posted 15 February 2017 - 04:40

Chevelle this is very cool! Thank you

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#6 Dammit_Carl

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Posted 24 February 2017 - 12:21

Thank you!

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#7 Baldeagle611

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Posted 19 March 2018 - 14:23

Chevelle You legend!!


I have fond memories of those good old Microprose days when you got a proper printed manual, some easy start training missions, and yes, a keyboard overlay!!


I always struggle with these modern sims - it always seems like you have to figure everything out for yourself!

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#8 Chevelle

  • Posts: 55

Posted 08 April 2018 - 23:53

After all this time, I am back at it again.  That's what I get for watching "Hell's Angles".

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#9 Hugo_Schafer

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Posted 12 April 2018 - 06:39




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#10 56Sqn_Badger

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  • LocationLos Angeles, CA

Posted 12 April 2018 - 13:39

Welcome back!
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Alex "56Sqn_Badger"

CO, No 56 (V) Sqn

#11 J5_Spyboy

  • Posts: 559

Posted 30 April 2018 - 19:03

Hells Angles, starring Pythagoras. LoL
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#12 Chevelle

  • Posts: 55

Posted 30 April 2018 - 19:10

His wingman was Isosceles.  :icon_e_biggrin:

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#13 ggrognard

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  • LocationTexas

Posted 02 August 2019 - 01:36

You are a Godsend to old f's like me.  Thank you.

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#14 kahuuna

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Posted 15 April 2020 - 17:01

Very happy i found this!!

Great work.


Many thanks.


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#15 pocketshaver

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Posted 21 April 2020 - 19:55

haven't seen a single key map that has the controls for letting your pilot shoot his pistol, covers flares but NOT the handgun. 

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#16 J18=Fritz_Gerald

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Posted 21 April 2020 - 21:14

for the pistol, it is left control and five, and then left control and the ~ key to put it away

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#17 American_Mayhem

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Posted 12 October 2021 - 19:58

Thanks for the keyboard commands. I'm a newbie here. For some reason a few of my F keys don't do anything. F4 (Chase View) which I like to use a lot, doesn't work at all. Any ideas?

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#18 Panthercules

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Posted 13 October 2021 - 14:27

Thanks for the keyboard commands. I'm a newbie here. For some reason a few of my F keys don't do anything. F4 (Chase View) which I like to use a lot, doesn't work at all. Any ideas?


Welcome to RoF and the Forums!


Many of the F keys are for external camera views (like the F4 you mentioned) - these will only work if you have "Allow Spectators" ticked in your setup/realism/options screen, so you should check that.

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